Videos: Former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert Begins Prison Term “With a Heavy Heart”

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Ramla – Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert entered Maasiyahu Prison at 10 a.m. this morning to start serving a sentence of at least 19 months.

Before becoming a prisoner, Olmert released a three-minute video statement – which can be seen below – in which he denied the charges against him and said that he accepts the sentence “with a heavy heart.”

Olmert, who was elected prime minister in 2006 and served in that role until 2009, is the first prime minister in Israeli history to serve a prison term. He was first charged in 2009 with fraud, bribery, tax evasion, and breach of trust in a number of different corruption cases. He was convicted of breach of trust in 2012 and of bribery in May, 2014.





David Steger – Israel


  1. You have to feel bad that he let himself get into such as situation. However it is very hard to forget the way he turned his back on the Chareidim who helped him so much in his career. Hopefully if he did not already, the prison time will give him some time for introspection and teshuva.

  2. What an embarrassment in front of the whole world. Only a corrupt country like Israel would allow one of its prime ministers to go off to prison regardless of what he has done. Same for their President, Moshe Katzav. Any other nation would of hush/shushed it and found some other eitzah how to punish its former leader. Even though they are not shomer Shabbos, this such a huge Chillul Hashem of epic proportions. How can the world be allowed to see all this???

  3. ben ami

    it might be a chillul Hashem that he was put in prison but its actually an act of yashrus (justice) for doing the wrong thing & breaking the law & that in Israel no matter who you are justice is served versus the USA hillary deserves to be in prison already for a long time for all her corruption & put away for at least 30 years. but we just know that she never will cause of who she is & her corrupt position/job she has now. this is not yashrus of the USA.

    DO you agree or disagree? who did the right thing Israel or USA? no favoritsm just your honest opinion.


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