Videos: Motzoei Shabbos Selichos 5775 at the West Side Synagogue in NYC with Yehuda Green

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yehuda green[Multiple videos below.]


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  1. What’s the deal with song hineni mekasher nafshi…
    I know it’s very popular in the Breslov world but isn’t it a bit bordering against the yud gimel ikarim of “Hashem being one” and the ikar of “not praying to anyone but Him” I’m just curious if any poskim have spoken about it,?

  2. In hineni mekasher nafshi… nobody is mispalel to the Rebbe he only proclaims that his tfiloh should be connected to צדיקי אמת thus they should have an easier way of reaching their proper destination.

  3. You’ve got to hand it to Yehuda Green. He is very good at what he does. He had that crowd whipped into a frenzy of song and dance. Kol Hakavod. I understand its not for everyone. For some, its brings them closer in their avodah. I would of loved to go but I have children in shidduchim, so I’ve got to play it safe. You never know which potential mechutan is watching.


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