Videos, Photos: A Country in Turmoil – “Ki Imonu Keil”


emmanuel3[Videos and photos below.]  has provided continuous coverage of the Emmanuel affair. We present here a compilation of the various videos and photo albums that have appeared on the site.

Video 1:

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Video 2:

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Photos 1:

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Photos 2:

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Photos 3:

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{Yair Israel}


  1. It breaks the heart into a million pieces. Israel [Aschalta…] once again seeks to destroy Torah and its pure adherents. Yaldei Teiman in its modern form. I remember that silly slogan”Bibi Tov Layehudim” and today, where is he? When are we in America going to wake up and start realizing that Israel and its goverment are Reshoim?

  2. These parents fully understood that their individual decisions to engage in civil disobedience would result in their going to jail. Viewers can respect their right to take such actions but what is happening here is normal when someone willfully violates a lawful court order. These pictures are designed to elicit sympathy for the parents being dragged away from their children by the terrible police to go to jail.

    The police is doing their job to enforce the law.

  3. just to be clear, this was not about Sephardi and Ashkenazim. Its about chassidisch standards in a school and the right to insist on them, or remove your kids and then home school or build your own school.
    For some reason the Supreme court decided that this was a purely racist issue, and imprisoned the parents who refused to send to school for contempt of court.
    Its really not true in this case.
    Sefardim have a hard time getting into ashkenazi schools here in Israel and also in the diaspora. And for anyone who has tried raising money, try raising money for an ashkenazi mosad from sefardim… good luck. I dont know which side is worse. I dont even think it matters.
    whats important here is that racisim is not the root of the problem here, the right to educate according your won standards without government interference is.
    hence the massive demonstrations.

  4. Probably this whole story is being fabricated by the government to slide the attention of the public ,because they have ceded to US’s and other foreigners pressure and have eased the entrances in Gaza.

    Maybe these politicians are indeed filthy and are using Haredim as their tool.Just use full inocents.

    It is sad,putrid and nauseating,but the reason of this fabricated persecution must be that.

  5. Take that second video off the air!!!
    Its for of lies
    “The ashkenazi parents wont allow their kids to study along kids of sefardi decent”

    SHEKER !!!! LIES !!!!

    There are MANY (28%) sefardi families in the school
    There are that number of sefardi parents in jail right now as we speak.

    “100,000 people came to support the right to keep the classes segregated”

    LIES !!! Sheker !!!!

    We came out (more than 200,000 by the way, but whats another lie) to support the parents decision to send to a school that meets their requirements of frumkeit. The sefardi families that want to be machmir, or mehudar, according to the rules set up by Rabbi Wosner from Bnei Brak, one of the generations leading Rabbis, will gladly be accepted into the school.

  6. Uh we realized a long time ago that they are Reshoyim. But its not their fault. They are all Tinokos shenishbu. The only answer is KIRUV. If these 100,000 protesters each decided to seriously try and be Mekarev 1 just 1 secular Jew think what that would accomplish!!!! Moshiach would be that much closer. There would be so much less strife between secular and chareidi. WE CAN REACH THEM IF WE TRY!

  7. At a time when the Supreme Court shuts down and imprisons Slonim Chassidim, one hundred thousand Sudanese illegal immigrants run wild in South Tel Aviv and tens of thousands run wild in Arad destroying the lives of stam Israelis and NOTHING is said or done by the Courts. Illegal immigration by Africans runs rampant and the effect of schools and communities is destructive and NOTHING is done by the Supreme Court. Sheker rules in Israel.

  8. The organizers and speakers at the rally repeatedly refuted the court’s claim of racism in the segregated Emmanuel school and among the Charedi populace at large.

    Who can claim we discriminate against Sepharadim, when we study their great commentaries? demanded Rabbi Yosef Efrati.

    The leaders of the rally also led the protesters in songs from the Sephardic liturgy tradition, though the vast majority of the attendants were Ashkenazi men, both Hassidic and Lithuanian. Sephardic supporters were sparse, but one of three Sephardi fathers in route to prison addressed the audience on behalf of the parents.

    “I’m going to prison with my head held high,” “We will all do as our rabbis tell us, and only they will take care of the education of our children that we are leaving behind.”

    “I’m here to protest the High Court of Justice’s disrespect toward the generation’s greatest rabbinical sages and leaders,”

    What a great Kiddush Hashem that will pave the way towards Moshiach.

  9. in all these pictures and videos I don”t even see close to ten thousand people were dose the number 100,000 come frome


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