Videos, Photos: “Kids Lives Matter” Kids March Today in Boro Park and Williamsburg, Pleading for the Opening of Camps and Parks

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  1. very creative… there was no pushing so i guess it didnt make a big enough matziv that the gov should take abt it today… Too bad! Keep it up kids!! and don’t forget helmets have lives…

  2. NO helmets?

    TRUST us-we will be safe and follow the rules in camps and parks, WHILE we protest without normal safety equipment?

  3. Jews are mandated to follow the Torah H ‘Kodosha. The Torah demands that we violate commandments to preserve lives. Furthermore, the Torah instructs us to be extremely vigilant not to put others in danger.

  4. I very much like to consider the Covid-19-Lockdown episode through the view of a certain parable, which I posted at a number of Matzav’s Coronavirus articles. To see my full version of it, please look at it at the Matzav article of June 8 titled: “York City Reopens Under Phase One On Monday.”

    B’Ezras Hashem, I will repeat here a briefer version:

    One day, an old good friend calls you and relates that his company downsized, he was one of those who was laid off, and, with no income for several months, is completely out of money. He has now come to start anew in your town and needs a place to stay for about three weeks while he finds a new job. Then, with a solid income, he will be able to get his own residence.

    So, wanting to do Tzedaka and Hachnossas Orchim, you happily invite him into your house. At first, everything is great as you and he spend many hours chatting about old times, and he heavily praises your nice home, your fine furniture, and your exquisite art collection. However, his looking-for-a-job is not occurring. You offer him your computer, but he does not use it to do searches of local businesses or to write resumes or application letters, rather only to play computer games! Each morning you show him the “Help Wanted” section of the local newspaper, but he refuses to look at it.

    You excitedly inform him of a new company that just opened in town and needs many kinds of employees. He though, claims that, that company is not a good one and its methods are not successful. You reply that several of your friends got great jobs there with good pay and not-overly-long-hours and thus insist that he at least check it out. So, he does go there but is very rude to the Personal counselor who tries to interview him.

    By now, it is long past the “three weeks” that your friend initially requested; it is more like eight weeks going into nine and ten! Throughout this time, as mentioned above, he is hogging your computer for leisure and is also tying up your phone — not calling local businesses but — but his own friends. He is eating up almost all the foodstuffs in your refrigerator and leaving huge messes all over. As he rarely goes out, you must stay at home with him through the day, putting your own business on hold.

    Then, he drops a bombshell: he reveals that his former company is planning to open a branch office in your town and install him as the manager. It is THIS prestigious position of branch office manager that is his goal, and until that occurs, which will not be for at least another six months, he is not budging from your house!!

    On top of this, you discover that your friend’s former company never “downsized”; instead, he and a few of his cronies were caught in a huge embezzlement scheme. As it did not want the scandal to blow out into the open, the company — which itself is obviously very corrupt — is quietly keeping him on the payroll and planning to move him and his crew to this new office in your town.

    So, by now, it is more than glaringly clear that, all along, your so-called “friend” never intended to look for any job, most of what he told you were outright lies, and his situation had nothing to do with any Tzedaka or Chesed, as, instead, it was just a mean scam to, Chas V’Shalom, suck you out dry!!

    (Im Yirtza Hashem, to be continued)

  5. (B’Ezras Hashem, Continuation of story)

    OK, I said the Moshel – the parable; now, what is the Nimshal – what is the parable referring to?

    We were all told that there is this new gravely dangerous virus, called “Coronavirus” that “somehow” seeped out of a meat market in the Wuhan section of China. It is severely contagious, and a person carrying it will not even know that he is carrying it — and further spreading it — until a couple of weeks later when the illness starts coming out in him. The disease, called “Covid-19,” is quite deadly, with each day bringing reports of increasing numbers of deaths, Lo Alaynu.

    As the epidemic, now a pandemic, spread devastation through countries of Europe and, sooner than later reached our American shores, our governments “took action.” To try to stop the virus from spreading even further, they declared that people must not be near each other! Yes, for three weeks, do not gather together; do not even go out! “Stay in Place!” “Lockdown!”

    We cannot repeat it enough that we all well remember how, in response, we all readily and happily agreed to this. All our Gedolay Torah leaders emphatically instructed us that, as we well know, our Torah HaK’dosha clearly declares that we absolutely must avoid any possible threat to human life. So, for example, just like Hashem commands us to, pray to Him B’Tzibbur – in a congregation, in this situation of Pikuach Nefesh – of a possible threat to human life, He commands us to NOT pray to Him B’Tzibbur – in a congregation, and, instead, to pray to Him B’Yichidus – individually.

    The lockdown program was vigorously promoted from other angles too. The director of the website “NaturalNews,” a scholarly scientist named Mike Adams, gave a brilliant analogy. During World War II, when our nation was in the fight for its life — and, really, the whole world’s life — against the evil German-Japanese-Axis assault, our government asked everyone, for example, to please donate whatever leftover materials they had, for these supplies were greatly needed to make the numerous items needed to fight a war: Tents, uniforms, stretchers, tanks, planes, guns, etc. Famous photos of the war show children thus carrying old rubber tires and scrape metal pieces to designated government depots.

    So, Mr. Adams exclaimed that here, in our fight now for our lives against this dangerous virus, our government is not asking us to “donate” anything; instead, it is really asking us to “do nothing”! Just stay home; do not go out! So, we certainly should be able to gladly do that!

    (Im Yirtza Hashem, to be continued)

  6. They’d need thousands of police for all camps and parks because “children are carriers” BY the “invisible enemy”.

  7. Of all the kids driving by, only ONE was wearing a helmet! Where are their parents? New York state law requires that all children under the age of 13 wear an approved bicycle helmet. Dina d’malchusa dina, the law of the land is the law, say Chazal. Chazal also say, Chamira sakanta me’issura, that being careful in matters of danger is much more severe than prohibitions of the Torah! For the sake of our children, if anyone in Williamsburg is watching, please make a campaign to get these children helmets and spread the word.

  8. I understand the sentiment behind this protest, but do Yidden really want to follow the derech of those behaimos? Better for us to keep a low profile. We are still in galus sadly and we shouldn’t expose our children to this type of behavior. Blocking traffic? C”v if someone in a car decided to drive into the crowd…oy. BTW did anyone ask daas Torah if this was acceptable?

  9. I love it. First of all the kinderlach are so zeeze kn”h. To see such happy smiling Yiddeshe kinderlach, makes me feel good all over. Hodu lashem!
    Secondly, what a great lesson in democracy. They are exercising their 1st ammendment in a nice pleasant eideleh way. No foul language. No damaging property. Me kiamcha yisroel?!

  10. I think this demonstration was a great idea, but they made some spelling and grammar mistakes on their signs. They should have written kid’s “lives” matter, not kid’s “life” matters, and they wrote “Our education master” when they meant to write “Our education matters”. It’s very important that their English should be correct

  11. Some of you posters here will criticize simply because its Williamsburg. And you hate Williamsburg and Satmar to a hilt.
    Before you start, remember to use that same level-headed, progressive mindset that you use with non-Jews and non-Orthodox Jews.
    Secondly, be aware that Satmar forbade their students to take part in these protests. Whether they are right or wrong is a question.
    Most importantly, remember that the Chofetz Chaim never gave you a carte blanche to bash chassidim.

  12. (B’Ezras Hashem, continuation of my above story)

    As we were gladly locking ourselves down though, many items emerged that strongly indicated that something about this picture was very much “not right.” There were — and continue to be — actually so very many indications-of-something-not-right that I do not even know where to start!

    B’Ezras Hashem, let us look at this aspect of the story, that in the countless tightly strict Lockdown & Social Distancing rules, there were — and continue to be — numerous rules that were glaringly unfair. Again, there were so very many instances of being unfair that I do not know where to start.

    B’Ezras Hashem, let us look at the grocery line. Despite the (supposed) urgent need for everything to be totally locked down, a gigantic allowance was made for grocery vendors, as they were an enterprise that provided services and products that were “essential,” which means services and products that were absolutely necessary for people’s survival. Of course, their allowance to be open was only under many strict rules of Social Distancing, but, following those distancing rules, they were allowed to be open.

    First of all, the principle was that the enterprises that provided services and products that were essential were allowed (with the distancing rules) to be open. So, grocery vendors and pharmacies and doctor offices and hospitals, being obviously “essential,” were allowed to be open. But there were several other entities that were certainly essential that were NOT allowed to be open! Why couldn’t the same allowance, with the following the distancing rules setup, be made for them???

    The most notable of these other-not-allowed-entities were houses of worship. The services that they provided were not “essential”????? The arch-conservative news commentator, David Knight — and I am sure, countless other people — exasperatedly exclaimed: “G-D IS NOT ESSENTIAL???????” Boruch Hashem though, later on, President Trump finally stepped in and declared this travesty to be the terrible travesty that it was. He thus strongly ordered the full opening of all houses of worship and further ordered that if any state governor opposed this directive, he would override that: “WE NEED MORE PRAYER, NOT LESS!!”

    Furthermore, along with houses of worship are the schools of religion; the study and teaching of the Sacred Religious texts are certainly EQUALLY “essential.” (I do not remember the location of it, but in one of his Peirushim, Rav Shimshon Raphael Hirsch, ZT’L, points out that Tefila and Limud HaTorah are really two sides of one item. Tefila – prayer is where we speak to Hashem; Limud HaTorah – Study of Hashem’s Torah is where Hashem speaks to us!)

    By extension, all schools, even for Limudei Chol – even for secular studies are also essential; that’s right, for a child (instead of wasting away with doing nothing) to have a day of constructive activities at school is not “essential”?????

    Similarly — the issue of this article’s news story — for a child to be able to fully go to and walk around and play in a park and a playground is not “essential”?????

    Again, of course, if distancing considerations were needed, then have these open with the needed distancing rules. But houses of worship, religious schools, secular schools, parks & playgrounds are all absolutely essential services that should never have been closed!


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