VIDEOS, PHOTOS: Rally Outside Of Lakewood Library Protesting Toava

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  1. I am מקנא the zechusim of those righteous people.

    כמוהם ירבו בישראל ובעולם

    It is so refreshing to see Torah truth on display instead of sycophantic flattery or apathy, for a change.

  2. I disagree. This “toayvoh” has been around in the goyish world for thousands of years. If fact, the Talmud tells us how to deal with it; not through open protests which the goyim are incapable of understanding, but by seclusion. We separate ourselves from the secular world. The Talmud made decrees that prohibit been alone with male goyim because we believe they are suspect in engaging in “toayvoh”.

    Besides, do you think that this is the only “toayvoh” that goyim engage in? the Torah writes, “v’loh sassu K’CHOL tay-ah-vo-say-hem”, “and you must not do like ALL their ‘tayovois”, plural, for they engage in many “tayohvois”.

    This is 2019, not 1909, and the secular world is nothing like “American Gothic”. They don’t dress like they used to, they don’t sing like they used to, they don’t dance like they used to, and they don’t speak like they used to.

    Unlike our values which have not changed in millennia, the secular world changes its core values every ten years. The views that are accepted today that are considered immutable by the secular world would have been considered outrageous ten years ago, and vice versa. In fact, it has now been suggested that the government must make and pay”reparations” for holding the beliefs that they had ten years ago.

    In a world where adultery, fornication, and consequently abortion are celebrated there is simply no point in protesting against one single abomination when so many other sinful and equally egregious behaviors are given a free pass.

    • Excellent point. When the guy in the cabin next door to me starts drilling a hole in the bottom of our boat, I’ll just ignore him and keep my cabin door locked. If I ignore him and keep to myself, everything will be fine. The boat won’t sink. Mamesh so brilliant. Why didn’t I think of that?

  3. It is incredible to realize how much power the public really have. We should keep on using it to promote Torah values. Keep on going Rabbi Levin and crew!

  4. The main question is did this group received permission from Neturei Karta to protest? They have protesting exclusivity.

  5. Frankly, this is the wrong approach. Those who agree with you don’t need your signs, and those who disagree aren’t swayed.

    We live in times with so much intolerance and discord towards those who are different. I’m not saying you have to agree with those who are different, but our community must learn how to tolerate others.

    • Wrong! We have to be concerned for HKBH’s honor! This terrible kitrug of toaiva brings destruction to the world. It, kaviyachol, sickens the Aibishter. Your misguided live and let live attitude is against the Torah!
      When someone steps on your toe, insults your wife, or blocks your driveway for 3 seconds, than you should be tolerant.

  6. Boruch Shehechiyanu that Matzav is the first Chareidi Media to cover , at this late stage in the ever devolving culture, the ” hisnagdus ” of a handfull of True Torah Activists following in the footsteps of over ONE DOZEN Gedolei Yisroel of yesteryear! Asrei chelkechem!
    You are notel sechar kneged kolum!
    i respectfuly importune you: ” Hamaschil bmitzvah……
    kindly provide the pertinent info / guidance of these many Gedolim may dor haaver to todays Bnei uNnos Torah, roshei Chabura Rabbonim who have not familiarised themselves with the emesdiker Mesora in this everincreasingly vital field of how to addresss the cascade towards Gemora!
    People only seem to vaugly recall” oh yeah . there was a daas yochid Rav Avigdor Miller ztl !
    FALSE! I know because i was the catalyst behind Tav Moshe ztl’s letter and Rav Shach’s zttl psak to RSimcha Hacohen Kook / Noach Dear!! These are but 2 of another Dozen Gedolim who weighed in on this bksav u baal peh. I plead with u to contact me for the letters , signatures / info/ maaseh rav etc,.
    kindly begin by publishing Rav Moshe ztl letter!
    Bbirchas kol Tuv,
    yehuda levin

  7. If you are not perturbed by the tumah being introduced to the psyche of our precious children and adults you should likely consider shvisi H’ lnegdei tomid. A protest is not only warranted, one should rush to take part!

    Hgaon Reb Shmuel Kamentsky shlita advised one of the organizers that he should gather a respectable crowd and protest in a dignified manner. I have no doubt that said individual will do all within his power to exercises his rights to protest and do so in the manner instructed by Dass Torah.

  8. how about spend your time doing something that benefits klal yisroel. instead of copying the goyim with protests! if you are so worried about children focus on the children not outside influences!

    • Like voting for leftist who make a toevah month for children, in a library where 90%+ of the population is Jewish in the surrounding blocks?

  9. Mutti
    ‘Tolerance’ what a wonderful concept!
    I dare you to find a shred of it in entire gamut of the Torah

    Ever study eg Parshas Nitzavim? We bear collective responsibility

    Making sure others don’t violate serious prohibitions overrides your wearing tefillin!

  10. cyrano
    There is some sin for nations of the world make them lose their right to even exist
    chulln 92b
    Anybody who’s humane should be out demonstrating

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