Videos, Photos: Powerful Earthquake Jolts Central Mexico, Damages Buildings – Footage Taken By Frum Member of the Community

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Mexico was hit with a powerful earthquake today, the anniversary of a disastrous 1985 quake.

The 7.1-magnitude tremor was centered in southeast Mexico and caused buildings in Mexico City—about 76 miles away from the epicenter—to sway and pictures to fall from walls.

Traffic was brought to a standstill and videos, like the ones below, emerged of buildings collapsing and fires breaking out.

Much of Mexico City is built on former lake bed, and the soil can amplify the effects of earthquakes hundreds of miles away. Read more.


  1. Why would someone take a picture of seforim on the floor and not pick them up right away? Maybe it was a got who took the picture

  2. Hashem is throwing around this false lame world like it’s a sack of potatoes. Rosh Hashana is fast approaching, the day of “JUDGMENT” when Hashem decides how each one of us will fare for the next 354 days, which in essence will effect our lives forever. Time to do teshuva and to think about ourselves and how we can improve in every area. The chance is and will always be ours.

  3. Why didn’t the individual taking the pictures, pick up the seforim from the floor first? Your headline clearly states that the footage was taken by a FRUM member of the community. Is everything just to get that first picture?

  4. I walk behind the fold and I see the end.

    Neither crooked nor straight have they ever returned to the nest.

    Wonder of wonder. It’s torn asunder.

    Up is down but down is also down. Don’t look up.

    Walk on the safe side for that is where one walks.

    Over and out.


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