Videos, Photos: Suspicious Man On Yaffo in Yerushalayim Found to Be Carrying Bomb

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Updated: An Arab terrorist from the Chevron has been apprehended this morning in Yerushalayim after he was spotted carrying a suspicious backback. A guard at the light rail on Rechov King George and Rechov Yaffo called police.

The man’s suspicious package was examined by security personnel, who found it to contain grenades and a few pipe bombs.

Large police forces converged on the area and completely shut it down, as security personnel worked to safely removed the contents of the backpack.

Police sappers employed a special robotic device to safely corral the grenades and bombs, which will be safely detonated in a controlled environment.

The suspect is said to be a 20 years old.

Update: 10:15 a.m.: The light rail has resumed operating, after being shut down for over an hour.

Boruch Hashem, there were no injuries in this foiled potential terror attack.

Police sources indicate that the suspect planned to blow himself up on the light rail itself in order to cause a large number of casualties, r”l.

yerushalayim rechov yaffo (1) yerushalayim rechov yaffo (2)

yaffo (1) yaffo (2) yaffo (3)2016-07-17-PHOTO-00001239David Steger – Israel


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