VILE ANTISEMITISM: Trailer Released For ‘Ocean County Rise’ Documentary On The Jewish Growth In Lakewood, NJ

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A trailer for a new documentary on the tremendous Orthodox Jewish growth of Lakewood has been released by the Ocean County Rise group.

The documentary, which is set top be released in February, will describe the Orthodox Jewish population boom in the New Jersey township with an unfavorable slant. The documentary is being pushed by a group called Ocean County Rise, a Facebook group dedicated to ending the spread of Orthodox Jews in Ocean County.

The group blames many of the Township’s failings on the burst in the Jewish population in the past few decades. The group denies being Antisemitic but assigns blame to an entire subset of the population that are distinct from them. This comes despite the many gains and boons brought in by the Jewish population.



  1. Let’s pretend that much of their grievances are not true. Great job, Let’s blame everything on anti-semitism and not take a long, hard look at many of our practices that are WRONG and hurtful to our neighbors. Let’s forgot that we are in Galus . Let’s forget that we don’t own the streets. Let’s pretend that all is well in our camp. Let’s forget the blatant corruption and wrongdoing at the highest level of our yeshivos and mosdos. It’s all good, let’s just blame vile anti semitism for all our self-inflicted woes. Great job Matzav. Great “reporting”.

    Let’s see how fair and unbiased you are, or if you will censor my comment since it doesn’t fit the agenda.

    • What in the world are you talking about? Blatant corruption and wrongdoing at the highest level of our yeshivos and mosdos?? are you a troll or just a “farbisen” person?

    • I don’t believe Matzav did any reporting. They just attached the trailer with a paragraph explaining what the group says. Perhaps it was just the title you don’t like. Seems accurate. Maybe you jumped to conclusions. Maybe you agree with documentary. HMMMM

  2. I guess that’s their way of saying “thank you” for bringing prosperity and economy to the region ! In every generation anti semites will rise….can’t wait to see the nazi cartoons of Jews with long noses sucking out the blood of the poor christian….maybe i should stop here and not give them any ideas…..curious to know who funded this trash?

  3. Interesting; they are using the words of Pastor Neimoller (himself an anti-Semite) and comparing the growth of the Jewish population in Lakewood to the takeover of Germany by the National Socialists. It’s perverse and a blatant example of Jew Hatred!!

  4. The narration of this video is clearly based on a poem about the Holocaust. They are using it to compare the JEWS to NAZIS! It is a famous poem written by Martin Niemoller, a Lutheran Pastor in Germany during the war period. Here is the poem:

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  5. Regardless of your feelings regarding the issues highlighted it behooves us Jews to remember that if we fail to make kiddush the non Jews will make havdalah r’l. It’s incumbent upon us to act as the am hnivchar. The Gemorah discusses how the non Jews speak of us. We want to have them praising us for our father’s having taught us Torah!

  6. Interesting to note that their website directly promotes footsteps, an organization which R”L tries to help people leave Judaism, founded by renegade orthodox.. I wonder the connection.

    • Had the exact same thought as you… Scary to think that this sick piece of blatant anti-semitism (and lies) could be partially coming from formerly frum people. Very sad

  7. Berel, they would welcome you with open arms. Nobody is perfect. By far, the observant Jewish community has way less issues than any other. Crime is almost nil. We save the government millions with our chesed organizations. Our family units are strong and healthy.

  8. Pretty disturbing. What does it mean power corrupts??whats corruption? You have the opportunity to vote and no one made you sell your house

  9. perhaps, berel, we are ‘guilty’ of many offenses that are mentioned, and we need to be held to a higher standard than any other group; nevertheless, no one would have dared mention any other culture in these days as the way we are being vilified. we are still more moral, exhibit more kindness to all, are less prone to breaking the law and contribute more to the good of general society than anyone else. perhaps, because of that, we have become more arrogant, and for that we need to do teshuva. but, just as the arrogance has been noted, how come no one is able to see beyond that?

  10. Berel,etc

    While you are correct for the most part you shouldn’t lay blame on
    all regular simple yossels and

    It’s the great honchos and Developers of all stripes ( sure they throw nice donations and dinners ,a
    Faustian bargain)
    they have caused the preponderance of hatred
    now everyone must suffer and bear

  11. Interesting to note, as commented above, there is reference on their website to the infamous rebel Moster, Footsteps and against Oorah. (and others as well). It’s online Journal is only about Jewish news.
    Would not be surprised if this is promoted by those that left their way of life or Yiddishkeit all the way. (self hating Jews). If so, it is very sad. In our beautiful history, starting from our Avos, many of the people causing trouble throughout times were those that left their roots or even shmad themselves. History repeats itself over and over again.
    Very, very, sad.

  12. There is corruption on all levels of government; to think that Jews hold sway over the governments of their host country (county?) Is classic anti semitism, right back to the accusations of yushke in the new testament, to the protocols of the elders of zion, to current conspiracy theories. The constant use of “they” villifying some sort of nefarious group of people…lumping them together in the sort of way that if such words were said about blacks, Hispanics, or any other minority, they would be immediately castigated as hate speech. If black people were moving into a certain area, and people would talk about rising crime rates, drugs etc, and refer to them as “those people” “they”, the liberal media would swarm over them. The anti-fa people would harass them. The SPLC would consider them a hate group.

    But when it’s aimed at jewish people… No rules apply. This is systemic anti-semitism in ita full manifestation. This has nothing to do with individuals indiscretions; this is labeling the Jewish community as pariahs and parasites.

    To insinuate that Jews have banished people from their homes is the height of absurdity. The narrative they’re presenting is that at first, the Jewish parasite starts out weak, but as we grow in “power” over the hapless gentiles, they are subject to our nefarious will and forced out of their homes…

    חרפת נבל אל תשימני….

  13. do you blame them – i dont – lets take a look at ourselves and yes stop being so self centered and remember we are in golus and yes the holocaust came when the Jews rose to the top ‘

  14. to give it 10

    crime is nil is crime only murder
    is there any other forms of crime can wes top thinking we are perfect

  15. Berel, whatever small percentage of Jews commit crime or is responsible for any of the grievances you mention does not excuse anti semitism. According to your premise the Nazis were justified in what they did because they hated the Jews for the same reasons you are giving.

  16. To paraphrase the Meshech Chochmo, some people have perhaps thought at times, loosely speaking, that לייקוואוד הוא ירושלים, קרית יואל הוא ירושלים, ניו סקווער הוא ירושלים. If the Mayor is from their group, and they have Hatzuleh, Chavayrim, and Shomrim, and even some firemen, they can think that they have already arrived אל המנוחה אל הנחלה.

    So they get reminded that they are still in golus.

    America is a great country, but it is still golus.

  17. To “America is the galus”….the meshech chochma is referring to the reform who believed that we are no longer waiting for moshiach, and that we have met our national destiny as secular jews in a goyishe society. While feeling comfortable in galus is a problem, it has absolutely nothing to do with the passage you mentioned.

    I’ll reiterate what i said earlier; whatever crimes individuals commit in our community, the fact that they are being singled out and being used as representative of the entire klal yisroel is the result of systemic anti-semitism. The conspiracy theories that we are in power, that we seek to take and control non jewish lands, is the most common trope in anti semitic history.

    I’d suggest people learn about הלכה ידוע שעשיו שונא את יעקב and learn the historical context of these statements and sentiments.

    Anti semitism is always supposed to be a Divine boon to spur us on to do teshuva, but the kind of inspiration being suggested here is that our problems are either being comfortable in galus or that indeed the actions of these individuals are so wrong that thr message from hashem is to stop being maikil in issues of dina dinalchusa dina.

    Of note is a famous story about Rav Pam where upon being asked about a certain “shtik”, he answeres that the shoel should ask someone else, because he is very machmir in the aforementioned inyan.

    Relying on genuine heterim is not the cause of anti semitism.

    Perhaps we should look into other possible causes? Things that we can improve on that are actually me’ikar hadin? How many of us who are religiously tax paying, law abiding, etc..are lax or even worse in areas such as tznius, kedusha, etc where it is written(the only place, might I add) that hashem will remove his shechina from our midst? “לא יראה בך ערות דבר ושב מאחריך”

    • Of note is a famous story about Rav Pam where upon being asked about a certain “shtik”, he answeres that the shoel should ask someone else, because he is very machmir in the aforementioned inyan.


      I knew Rav Pam ztz’l very well. He did not send people to asks others for hetterim in those inyanim when he felt something was assur

      If you believe he did then your whole outlook in this area is clearly guided by and epitomizes

      ִּ֣י הַשֹּׁ֗חַד יְעַוֵּר֙ עֵינֵ֣י חֲכָמִ֔ים וִֽיסַלֵּ֖ף דִּבְרֵ֥י צַדִּיקִֽם

    • Relying on genuine heterim is not the cause of anti semitism.

      There is no such a thing as a genuine hetter when is a chance of Chilul Hashem (and by extension antisemitism)

      Even the furthest to the left, the biggest mekikim in this area with the lowest standard of Glatt Yosher
      agree that there is no hetter if there is a chance of Chilul Hashem

  18. To “anonymous”; there are different kinds of shailos in dina dimalchusa dina. I did not mean to imply that rav pam, or anyone else for that matter, condoned a wholesale disregard for the law and complete genevas akum.

    This was a specific shailoh; I’m not familiar with the circumstances. The story I mentioned, I’ve heard from rav yisroel reisman; probably the closest talmid of rav pam. I’ve heard it several times since then.

    Re, chilul hashem; those who are matir various forms of leniency will say that it’s only a chilul hashem if you get caught.

    Just one example; a friend of mine married into the family of a very choshuv rosh yeshiva; I don’t know if i have reshus to mention his name, but in any case, he told his family and talmidim that it isn’t fair for the govt to impose statues of limitations on assistance which do not take into account our tuition expenses and other essentials to Jewish life. This translated into being very maikil in reporting one’s income and assets.


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