Vintage Video: Thousands Celebrate Purim in Tel Aviv in 1932-33

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  1. anyone notice the picture of the swastika at 2:29 in the video? remember this is before WWII, and the Nazi Party had not even come to power yet. Does it show that people did not take the threat seriously?

  2. Did anyone notice thatthere is not one mention of Hashem in the commentary?!
    This was at the birth of a nation which exchanged real Emunah and Torah true judaism for nationalistic flare and traditional pompous. They slowly blured the lines between culture and tradition eventually fazing out religion entirely.
    Yes we do have to learn from history. History teaches us that there is very little that we can do to stop those who want to destroy us. Only those who are steadfast in their Torah observance will remain in the Jewish faith, all who wish to exchange it for some false nationalistic pride will end up with assimilated grandchildren ……. as probably happened to a large percentage of the people shown in this video! R’L!


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