Violence Erupts Across Israel In Response To Trump’s Recognition Of Yerushalayim As Capital

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Violent Muslim riots broke out in Chevron following US official recognition of Yerushalayim as Israel’s capital.

Hundreds of terrorists are attacking IDF forces, throwing rocks and burning tires –as they do every ‘day of rage’, at several locations across Judea-Samaria, Gaza border and the Old City.


  1. Let us not fool ourselves into thinking that they need a reason to riot. They riot because that is their Purpose and intent and they will riot because no matter what

  2. the only problem I see are Jewish boys put in the lions den and provoked without the ability to respond (Elor Azaria did and he became a Zionist version of a criminal) the Zionists whole point of existence is to protect Jews not put them in more harm like theyre doing to these boys.

  3. do any of you remember the old song: eretz yisroel b’li torah, hee k’guf bli neshama? the zionists certainly dont certainly dont


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