VIOLENCE IN CROWN HEIGHTS: Two Strangers Assault A Jew Walking Alone At Night

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A Jew in Crown Heights were attacked and severely beaten by a violent gang, in the most recent in a spate of atttacks that have plauged the community.

In a video posted by Crown Heights Shomrim, a security camera captures the entire scene of the crime.

There have been over a dozen attacks on Jews in that area over the last few months. Residents are asked to be careful and report any suspicious activities.

UPDATE: The following is a statement from the Jewish Future Alliance regarding the beating of a 65 year old man in Crown Heights last night. 
  “Last night, in an unprovoked attack, a 65 year old Jewish male was beaten and left bloodied in the streets of Crown Heights. This is but the latest incident in a recent spike in hate crimes against Jews in the Crown Heights community. Some 10 people were violently attacked in the last 60 days alone.

The Jewish Future Alliance condemns in the strongest possible terms these type of cowardly attacks on innocent civilians, and we call on the NYPD to drastically increase police presence throughout the community. We ask what is going wrong in Crown Heights when innocent Jews are being beaten in the streets in 2019?  Is there an atmosphere that is encouraging violence or anti-semitism? And, an equally important question, where is the public outrage? Indeed, why isn’t this front page headlines?

Two of the perpetrators are in custody and will be charged with a hate crime, according to the New York Police Department.

We call on the office of the District Attorney vigorously prosecute the case “to the fullest extent of the law.” We also ask that the community remain calm and not take the law into their own hands. Let law enforcement do its job and complete the investigation.”

Rabbi Yaacov Behrman
Jewish Future Alliance


  1. Arm up with whatever is legal to carry, learn how to use it, learn the legalities of self defense, don’t walk around in the spaced out mode. Be prepared before trouble hits the fan.

  2. It is time to resurrect the JDL. Things are getting out of control. Theres no reason we have to tolerate these occurrences on a daily basis.


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