Viral ‘Sushi Terrorism’ Videos Spark Outrage in Japan

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A truly gross string of videos showing “sushi terrorism” incidents circulating on social media have sparked public outcry and a reported police investigation in Japan. The videos involve customers in “kaitenzushi” or “conveyor belt sushi” restaurants pranking other diners by tampering with dishes and then putting them back on the belt for unsuspecting victims to consume. In one clip, a prankster appears to lick his finger and then touch pieces of sushi as they pass by his table. He also licks the open top of a bottle of soy sauce and the rim of a teacup, which are then put back on a shelf.

The clip, which was recorded in a branch of the Sushiro restaurant chain, caused the company’s stocks to plummet almost 5 percent on Tuesday. Other clips filmed at other chains show pranksters secretly putting wasabi in passing sushi.

Read more at The Guardian.


  1. It’s not original and it’s not funny – it’s disgusting, and in the U.S. I’ve seen stories of people who deliberately tamper with others’ food in this manner being charged with assault.


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