Virtual Chol Hamoed Activities For Families

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Chol Hamoed Pesach 5780.pdf


  1. People are dying left right and center and we need concerts at a time like this? Cant we show a little solidarity ? I understand its Yom Tov but there needs to be some form of sensitivity in a time like this

  2. and for all the children cooped up for so many weeks on end…

    your point is a very good one- for YOU, and for any other adult who wants to can opt to take 100% of this time for limud torah, tefila, teshuva, and general introspection, etc.

    but these kids whose families are staying home in compliance with health authorities and more importantly with the Torah, not seeing friends or extended families, some with anxiety about the situation, many with one or both parents both sick to varying degrees with this magefa… many who rl lost someone close to them, with ambulance sirens every 2 seconds, they need a release, something to allow them to unwind and have some fun.

    my kids were happy to watch a magic show today… and I certainly have no remorse whatsoever.

  3. someone like you who is all into sensitivity during these times probably should’nt be spending his time blowing hot air about some people who are providing services free of charge and are just trying to help.
    thank you to all the entertainers who could be charging, but are taking out time and effort to help all the families stuck at home.


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