Virus Already In Italy By December, Sewers Show

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The coronavirus was present in two large Italian cities in December, more than two months before the first case was detected, a national health institute study of waste water has found.

That suggests the virus appeared in Italy around the same time it was first reported in China.

Researchers discovered genetic traces of SARS-CoV-2—as the virus is officially known—in samples of waste water collected in Milan and Turin at the end of last year, and Bologna in January, the ISS institute said in a statement seen by AFP on Friday.

Italy’s first known native case was discovered mid-February.

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  1. What virus? Who virus? Coronavirus has proven to be a general terminology for all sicknesses and illness. Whom are they fooling?

      • You know better? No doctor knows but you know. So what is coronavirus?
        Answer: A so-called virus that fooled the entire world.

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