Vizhnitz: Children Whose Parents Have Unfiltered Internet Will Be Expelled

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vizhnitzSurveys have found that increasing numbers of chareidim in Israel have Internet in their homes, but this Yom Tov, two drashos featured strong remarks against the internet. In one drasha, Vizhnitzer Chassidim in Bnei Brak were told by Rav Yisroel Hager that if they install an Internet connection into their homes they would not be entitled to have their children educated in Vizhnitzer mosdos hachinuch.

“Boys and girls whose homes have the instrument of impurity called the Internet cannot receive a Vizhnitz education in any shape or form,” Rav Hager said on Shabbos. “No ‘protektzia’ or connections will help. A family that chooses to bring in the internet into its home will automatically forfeit the right to enroll their children to the Vizhnitzer mosdos. And if one has to work on the computer from home, the only internet that is allowed is the kosher version,” Rav Hager said.

“Every day,” Rav Hager said, “I hear stories about young people, both boys and girls, who have gone downhill via this horrible instrument to the edge of the abyss. This epidemic must be stopped.”

The drasha is considered an annual chizuk shmuess to Vizhnitzer Chassidim in advance of the winter zeman.

Rav Hager is one of two sons of the Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Bnei Brak, Rav Moshe Yehoshua

Hager, who is weak and ill, may he have a refuah sheleimah.

“Indeed,” Rav Hager said, “no family with yiras Shomayim has a television, and there should be no difference regarding the internet.”

Rav Hager’s instructions will be implemented immediately. Extensive research will be performed on every family with children in the Vizhnitzer institutions. If a mishpacha is found to possess the internet, the family members will be expelled from the mosdos.

The Belzer Rebbe also spoke out against the Internet in his drasha on Shabbos as he had already done in the past. In his remarks, he called the Internet a “great danger”, but he tempered his comments by adding, according to Haredim News Agency, that anyone who needs the Internet can use a specific type of filtered service.

 {Yair Israel}


  1. without internet in the home you can bring up a family of torah & Mitzvos & vice versa if you have internet CHAS V’SHALOM

  2. There are so so so many people affected by this terrible disease. I know this personally. If this is what it takes kol hakovod besides why does everyone elser kids have to be in the same class as these kids.

  3. Yes, the internet is mostly full of chazarei. But for those determined to get around it, even filtration does nothing. I’m not opposed to it, I just know that it isn’t effective when someone is determined to undermine it.

    The ikar should be not to allow children near the computer, which anyway should not be in one’s home unless for very specific reasons like work, communication with distant family members, etc.

    I am a programmer but my children are not allowed in my office and IY”H will never know what the internet is.

  4. Answer to #1, “Mr. nu,” your comment: “nebach, then they cant read matzav dot com!”

    They never said that! What they did say is that it is extremely terrible to have UNFILTERED Internet, because then, the user will be, Chas V’Shalom, too tempted to go to the very bad places.

    Now, if a person does not have Internet at all (which right now is the best position), of course he will not be able to see Matzav’s web site. However, he will still be able to get all the same news from the excellent Torah newspapers like the Yated, the Hamodia, etc.

  5. Teach the kehilla via filters how to manuever around the internet.
    There is no easier, economical or safe way to secure airline tickets, check bank balances, online bill pyment, shop, buy text books for schools, research information, join support groups, learn torah when in an out of town community, plus more without INTERENT ACCESS.

  6. Back to the BANS. The easiest way out of any difficult and trying situation is using the words NO, NO, and NO. BTW the least is ever accomplished in this mode of education/behavior.

  7. The Vizhnitzer Rebbes and all the Gedolay Torah will empathetically state that we have to have special Mosdos HaChinuch for those children from such homes. We make tremendous efforts to make several whole organizations (like Chinuch Atzmai, SHUVU, etc.) that make Mosdos HaChinuch for children from homes that are not observant of Judaism at all — to try to bring them and their parents into the realm of Torah. So we also have to make Mosdos HaChinuch for children from homes that are “pretty much” Torah observant, but also have these very un-Torah things of H-llevision, secular movies, unfiltered Internet, etc. — to try to lead them and their parents away from these bad things.

    The first yeshiva that I was privileged to attend is one of the major chashuva yeshivas of the Torah world; its administrators, ZT’L, were of the very greatest of the Gedolay Torah of the previous dor; many of today’s leading Torah rabbonim came from there. Several of the students (of course, I do not know any numbers) were obviously either just coming into Judaism, or, albeit frum, but were into movies and television.

    In both subtle and overt ways, the yeshiva tried to WEAN US AWAY from these negative things. I well remember the beginning of a Sichas Mussar that the Mashgiach of the high school gave at the beginning of one of the Elul Zmans. He pointed out: “When you are home, it is hard to learn. And even if you do sit down and open up a Gemora, your mind’s not on the Gemora — YOUR MIND’S ON ‘CHANNEL 5’!”

    One time, I had just read in the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch about what we need to do Zeicher L’Churban — how we are required to be in an ongoing state of mourning by limiting certain enjoyments because we are living in the ongoing situation of the Beis HaMikdash having been destroyed, along with all the other terrible clamities that have happened to Klall Yisroel. So I went over to the rebbe who takes care of Halacha Shailos (and who is today one of the leading Poskim) to clarify these Halachos. As I was asking my questions, I then asked: “What about motion pictures?” The intent of my question was that is the enjoyment of going to the theater for a movie something that should be avoided because of Zeicher L’Churban. The rebbe though, just looked straight at me and, with a slight smile, bluntly stated:


  8. #9 Yisroel,
    That’s a funny story. These bans are completely ineffective and you know why? Because according to THIS EVERYTHING is looked down upon by the Torah. There is NOTHING permitted, not sports, not books, not music, not art, not movies, not science. When was the last time a proclamation was issued ALLOWING something? You know the real reason people leave frumkeit? It’s not the internet or texting or TV. It’s when they realize that they’ve been treated like children all their lives. It’s when they realize that there are GOOD things and people out there who don’t conform to all the BANS and SCARE tactics they’ve been preached and then they rebel against ALL of it, because when they believe that someone they considered infallible misled them, they will discard everything they’ve been taught.
    The reason 95% of Yidden are completely estranged from Torah as compared to 200 years ago, is because while they saw the lives of the world around them offer opportunities for the improvement of their lives, the life of Torah offered only poverty, suffering and hardship. And the current climate is offering the same. No internet? That is a prescription for a life of poverty as there is virtually no way to make a living without computers. The sooner these kanoiim who have access to the gedolim realize that 99.9% of people are not cut out for a life of full day learning and living in deprivation of all physical pleasure, the more likely we will be able to retain our youth within and merit the coming of Moschiach.

  9. Last evening, after a little thought, I realized that there was no reason for me (in my comment #9) to have avoided mentioning the name of the yeshiva I had attended. What I described about it in my above post is totally positive, so there is nothing to hide. This was Ner Yisroel in Baltimore. As I related there, its administrators, Rav Yaakov Yitzchak HaLevi Rudderman, ZT’L, Rav Shemuel Yaakov Weinberg, ZTL, Rav Dovid Kronglass, ZT’L, and Rav Yaakov Moshe Kulefsky, ZT’L, were of the greatest Gedolay Torah of the previous generation. Yibodel L’Chaiyim Tovim V’Aruchim, Rav Aharon Feldman, Sh’lita, (the current rosh yeshiva) Rav Moshe Heinneman, Sh’lita (the Halacha Posek of the yeshiva), and Rav Tzvi Dov Slanger, Sh’lita (the past Mashgiach of the high school), are contemporary Gedolay Torah.

    As I said, they, certainly have nothing to hide; on the contrary, that the yeshiva has students who are on the edge of Torah observance and thus tries to lead them to full Torah observance, is a point of tremendous honor!

    These are really not my words. Shortly after Rav Rudderman’s Petira in 1987, I heard a eulogy about him from, Yibodel L’Chaiyim Tovim V’Aruchim, Rav Reuvain Feinstein, Sh’lita. Rav Reuvain related how several students initially came to the yeshiva RIDING BICYCLES ON SHABBOS. (I personally heard even a bigger one: One of the senior top members of the Kollel bluntly told me: “I drove up to Baltimore on a Saturday afternoon!!”) Yet Rav Rudderman gladly taught these people and today they are prominent rosh yeshivas!

    Then Rav Reuvain exclaimed about how would this fit with today’s trend of Chinuch Mosdos wanting to accept only students who are “the very best”!


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