Vizhnitzer-Monsey Rebbe Refuses To Sign Against IDF Draft Law

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The Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Monsey, NY, refused to sign a letter against the Israeli draft, despite the request of Rav Chaim Flohr of Monsey.

Rav Flohr, who is close to Rav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss, gaavad of the Badatz of the Eidah Hachareidus, and the Parisover Rebbe of Yerushalayim, went to the Rebbe in Kaser Village, Monsey, to ask him to sign a letter against the recruitment of yeshiva students into the IDF.

The Rebbe asked: “Did my nephew, the Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Bnei Brak, sign the letter?”

Rav Flohr said: “The Rebbe of Bnei Brak is part of Agudas Yisroel and cannot sign.”

The Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Monsey responded: “So why should I sign?”

Rav Flohr explained, “If the Rebbe signed, then his nephew will also sign.”

In the end, the Rebbe responded, “Why should I sign? I’m not familiar with the subject and the politics that go on there. And with everything to do with politics, you should ask the Rebbe from Eretz Yisroel. If he does not sign, I would not sign.”

David Steger – Israel


  1. Wow. Such accolades for the Rebbe of Vishnitz. If we have such respect lets study some of the Rebbe’s Torah teachings and those of his illustrious predescors, the saintly Ahavas Yisroel and Imrei Chayim. When we like it we are on board…heh???

  2. It’s a very nice story.

    But I’m disappointed in several of the comments which seem to indicate that were the Rebbe to respond differently they wouldn’t have as much respect for him.
    That’s emunas chachamim?? Kavod hatorah??


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