Vizhnitzer Rebbe Bursts Into Tears Upon Hearing of Couple’s Baby After 20-Year Wait

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After twenty years of waiting, last night, Rabbi and Mrs. Chaim Meir Zoldan of the Vizhnitzer kehillah in Monsey celebrated the birth of their first child, a son.

The Zoldan couple celebrated the birth last night at a New York hospital.

Mrs. Zoldan, née Weiss, hails from Shikun Skver.

R’ Chaim Meir, shortly after the birth, called his rebbe, Rav Menachem Mendel Hager, Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Bnei Brak, to inform him of the wonderful news. The rebbe, who is currently in Antwerp, burst into tears while on the phone.

With a voice choked with tears, the rebbe said that a proverbial stone had been removed from his heart.

“Your plight has been sitting on my heart for a long time,” said the rebbe to R’ Chaim Meir. “In the zechus of the nonstop tefillos, you have been zocheh. We have more people who need salvation, and this will encourage us further not to give up.”

The rebbe instructed his gabbai to bring in all the people who were waiting to meet him, and together they sang Chasdei Hashem ki lo samnu.”

G. Sitrit – Newscenter


  1. Again, remind us why this has to be posted all over the internet? Does privacy/sensitivity not matter anymore?

  2. Mazel tov! We in our kehila were also zocah to such a nes recently. Rabbosi! Let’s collectively continue davening for one another. The power of the tzibur cannot be fully appreciated. May klal Yisroel be zocah to the” Teshuva Olamim” bkorov.

    • If you’re talking seriously, then maybe you don’t understand what it is to wait 20 years or to daven for and know the pain of someone who did. May you never know.

  3. anonymous-when yackov avinu met Yosef after 22 years they both cried….isn’t too much? we call it tears of happiness

    to broken record…all of visnitz, squre knows about it so its not private

  4. “Crying sounds a bit much. Seriously”
    You have no heart. And obviously no friends either.
    Obviously you have never known of any pain or shared in your friends pain in any painful experience they have gone through.
    Especially waiting for children.
    So yes, people with a heart, will burst into tears and share in their friends pain, and simchas.

    Mazel tov mazel tov mazel tov to the parents and family. This is the most amazing news to wake up to!!!!
    May we continue to share only good news in health and happiness, and to really feel the simcha of each other!!!!

  5. and we really need to say again THANKS FOR BONEI OLAM for being the big shlichim of Hashem to help this couple, and for all of Klal Yisroel for supporting Bonei Olam, but there is still so many couples waiting for help, lets NOW support even much more.

  6. When I heard that somebody very close to me was having a baby, I, too, burst into tears!
    YES, these are tears of joys, Hodu LaHashem!!! May every parent be zoche to bonim, uvnei bonim without having to wait many years!!


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