WACTH: Benny Gantz Heckled At The Kosel, Pretends To Daven



  1. Much as I dislike Benny Gantz anyone who comes to Daven at the Kosel should be welcomed.
    No matter what type of person they are (unless they come to provoke)

  2. Note that he had no idea what to do with the Siddur. He was looking at the first page before the Aleph Bais page
    Just came for the photo ops

  3. The annoying idiot who kept shouting Bibi bibi bibi, in the first video, sounded like he had a live frog in his mouth.
    Total disrespect. Even though, nebach, Mr. Ganz didn’t even know how to daven, he should not be made fun of. I agree with the above comment, if someone comes to the Kosel, regardless of his level of Yiddishkeit, motivation, or understanding, should be left in peace. Everyone connects in his own way. The famous story of the soldier that cried when the Kosel was liberated, and when asked what are you crying about, responded, I am crying because I don’t know what to cry about. The bais hamikdash was lichal hoamim. Don’t be so quick to judge. And worst of all, don’t antagonize.

  4. This is ridiculous, he’s not pretending to daven he’s reading the table of contents. Unfortunately many hidden are not familiar with a siddur, that shouldn’t be an excuse to mock them.

  5. 1) Maybe he doesn’t know how to daven.

    2) Maybe he was being mechaven כוונות עמוקות in the osiyos of the aleph beis.

    3) The mere fact that he came to the Kaysel alone is חשוב.

  6. He doesn’t look like he was davening from the siddur it looks like he was davening from his heart. I am not into politics and don’t care about it, but if he came to Daven even if he also has anterior motives why can’t he Daven in peace?

  7. He prayed that he should win… Let’s hope he doesn’t. But. The headline is unnecessary… Just cause he is the”left” doesn’t mean Hashem won’t listen to his tefilos. Even without uttering a word! Let’s daven that the correct person for the frum should win! It ain’t in our hands (especially here in America) and he did pray something!


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