Mark Wahlberg Meets With Yanky Ostreicher at Rechnitz Home

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ostreicher-wahlberg-rechnitzYanky Ostreicher, who is on everyone’s minds and in everyone’s tefillos, is in Los Angeles, recovering after his trying ordeal of imprisonment in Bolivia and his subsequent escape, the details of which are still largely unknown.

Actor Mark Wahlberg was the first person to bring Yanky’s situation to the attention of fellow actor and activist Sean Penn, who is largely credited for bringing about the daring escape from Bolivia. Wahlberg met with Yanky on Tuesday at the home of renowned baal chessed and philanthropist Reb Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz.

Sources indicated on condition of anonymity that Mr. Wahlberg and Mr. Rechnitz played important roles in the effort to arrange for Yanky’s return to the United States after the harrowing ordeal in the corrupt country where millions were stolen from him.

Yanky will be staying at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles, accompanied by his brother Ari and some others.

During the meeting between Yanky and Mr. Wahlberg, the Aleph Foundation presented the latter with a silver menorah as an expression of thanks for his tireless efforts and genuine concern. Mr. Pean received a menorah the day before for his unbelievable care.

Yanky, an American small businessman, a father of five and grandfather of 11, was arrested in Bolivia and detained for at Santa Cruz’s Palmasola Prision, one of the toughest and strangest prisons in the world. Bolivian authorities accused him of money laundering while trying to salvage a rice-growing venture. He maintained his innocence since his arrest in June 2011. He was released a year ago and put under house arrest in the city of Santa Cruz after activist Sean Penn directly appealed to President Evo Morales to free him.

Yanky’s escape was first reported on Monday, December 16.

Pictured above, left to right, are Ari Ostreicher, Yanky Ostreicher, Mark Wahlberg and Reb Shlomo Yehudah Rechnitz at the Rechnitz home yesterday.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Reb Shlomo is a giant of an Emmesah Yid. Always rosh virishon lical davar shebikdusha. HKB”H should bentch him & his Mishpacha with continued Siyata Dishmaya & arichas yomim vishanim!

  2. The organization mentioned in the article is called “the Aleph Institute”, it was established by the Lubavitcher Rebbe Zy”a to service the needs of jewish servicemen as well as Jewish prisoners.

    The Aleph representative in la is mamish a tzadik who probably doesn’t want his name mentioned but it’s safe to assume that he played a big role in this parsha.

    Most importantly, we must give thanks to Hakodosh Boruch Hu for this tremendous nes – viharbe shluchim lamokom.

  3. We are so happy that Yanky is home and safe. However it’s time to move on. We are making too much of a big deal. It’s time to stop talking about this and MOVE ON>

  4. Looks to me like he was brought in to meet some influential people who helped him. Tizku l’mitzvos to the people who financed this. Let’s hope no one should ever need such intervention again, but I guess those behind the scenes know how these connections should be nurtured, and the value of hakaras hatov displays.

  5. SY Rechnitz is really a tzaddik.
    He does so much for yechidim that people don’t even know about.
    Not just chesed with pomp and glory.
    All the chesed you do for the yechidim not reaching the media, Hashem should pay you and your family and espsially your chushuva father.

  6. Reb SHlomo Yehuda, keep doing what you do. Chazak chazak

  7. I am proud to say I cracked the case and figured it was SYR house without seeing SYR in the pic in the initial pic that only showed Yanky. How did I figure it out? I saw the pic in the background of the new kaminetz yeshiva in Yerushalayim in the background. Who else would have that pic, except for the yeshiva’s biggest funder of the new building! A goan!


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