Walker: ‘I Don’t Know’ If Obama Is A Christian


scott walkerWisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said on Shabbos that he doesn’t know whether President Obama is a Christian, repeating a response that sparked a firestorm months ago.

“I don’t know,” the 2016 Republican presidential candidate said at the biannual Koch brothers donor network conference in Dana Point, Calif., according to Time magazine, when asked whether he has tried to find out.

“I presume he is,” he added

Walker drew criticism in February after saying in separate interviews that he doesn’t know if President Obama loves America or if he is a Christian.

“I don’t know,” Walker told The Washington Post when asked if Obama is a Christian.

“I’ve actually never talked about it or I haven’t read about that,” Walker added.

Walker spokeswoman Jocelyn Webster later clarified Walker’s February remarks.

“Of course the governor thinks the president is a Christian,” she said. “He thinks these kinds of gotcha questions distract from what he’s doing as governor of Wisconsin to make the state better and make life better for people in his state.”

“As someone who is a believer myself, I don’t presume to know someone’s beliefs about whether they follow Christ or not unless I’ve actually talked with him,” Walker said on Saturday, according to Time.

“He said he is, and I take him at his word.”




  1. Good question.

    Being Jewish, all I care about is whether the president wants to idolize, warpedly pray to and exalt a man that was hostile in his anti-Torah way.

    Obama has Islamic origins and christian reflections.

    I feel no threat by his choice of bible or his blessings as a human being.

    To even think you can plagiarize a president by sourcing his faith for spite is arrogant.

    Obama has religious liberties and so do we.

    The fundimentalist has his head so far poked into living by the ‘right’ and ‘perfect’ that he never knows G-ds ways or humanity’s outcomes.

    This is dangerous and as jews, we must fear the rod that this mindset tries to prod our faith

    Times are trying. A man can look to G-d. His office and its mistakes and arrogance should not point to a godly blessing reduced unless he is inartful and hatefully malevolent.

    Feel that Obama is not a hard-line christian. His power comes from populist immunity.

    G-d is not forgotten in America.

    Our values are human.

    We are not safer as jews when the christian crusader looks for any target.

    Humility is not breaking into your neighbor’s synagogue to check the books.

  2. We know his (Obama) father was Muslim. And in Islam goes after the father.
    We know Obama loves the Moslem brotherhood. And Hamas. And Iran.
    So you tell me………,
    Where’s Schmuer it’s time to vote Thai fraud out of office if he votes this deal with an Ememy Iran.


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