WaPo Comlumnist: MAGA Hats Will One Day Be Seen As Ku Klux Klan Uniforms

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The “Make America Great Again Hats” synonymous with supporters of President Donald Trump will one day carry the same shame as the uniforms worn by the Ku Klux Klan, according to scholar and Washington Post columnist Matt Sears.

In a conversation with Salon published Sunday, the long-time Trump critic said the caps would be a shameful secret for Trump supporters in future that relatives would look down upon.

“(…) I think a better analogy would be like finding a Ku Klux Klan hood or robe,” Sears replied. “I’ve made the comparison before. Every time I watch a documentary about the civil rights movement and all the hateful violence they faced I wonder what the white people who were doing those horrible things were thinking. What was going through their minds?”

“We are living in an era with Donald Trump and the Republican Party and the right-wing movement in America where things of similar gravity are happening,” he added. “It’s our job to not be the people who stand by idly and let mobs harass black kids who in an earlier era not too long ago were trying to go to newly desegregated schools.”

“In a few generations from now, finding a MAGA hat in your grandparents’ closet would be like seeing your grandfather’s or grandmother’s face in one of those lunch counter photos, harassing the black people who are trying to fight Jim Crow and win their equal human rights.”

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  1. A MAGA hat will always be a badge of pride against the corruption of politicians and against the control of the Deep State and against the mesugas of the irrational Left!

  2. Do we really realize Hashem gave us the ability to criticize the hat or wear it? In any sense, you either support Mr. Trump, want your own day read or just paragon into a small society of with or wicked era inertia.

    Trump is too smart to be the stupid of the worst. America was great when men wore hats. The simple plan so hard for him to find. A good way to get the general public to hat up. Too bad its queer and small minded.

    I want to run a jew for president who wears a hat all the time. He might be the only one to save us. A good hat every day and more to enjoy and admire. Jews can do it. Not sure Bernie and clearly not Starbuck Sally. We do not have enough coffee to trade our war to drinking bad world.

  3. The MAGA hats will stay longer than WaPo. President Trump will surely revoke their license for reporting Fake News as soon as he’s done with draining the swamp – or perhaps this will be part of his draining of the swamp.

  4. The left has unleashed the Thought Police with a full vengeance. It’s time to start rounding up all middle class, evil white heterosexual males and intern them in reeducation camps.


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