Warning Against IDF Female Tank Personnel

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The IDF Fortitude Forum (IFF) founded by Full Colonel (Reserve) Raz Sagi in 2006 warned that a sudden ISIS attack in Sinai emphasized the danger of training female soldiers for combat duty.

“The terrible attack in North Sinai, only 62 miles from the Israel border, proved again how seemingly quiet boundaries can turn violent in a moment,” IFF wrote. “Therefore, tank battalions should be capable of fighting and not manned by women of whom Commander of Ground Forces Major General Kobi Barak admitted, ‘it would be difficult for them’ to load shells.”

The army plans to deploy thirteen female tank soldiers in three tanks at the southern border.

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  1. Leaving frumkeit out of it, the only qualification for tankers should be that they have the strength, speed and agility to do their tasks properly in combat situations. This would apply for both men and women.


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