Warren Buffett May Leave Billions to Abortion Rights Charity Instead of Gates Foundation, Report Says

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Charities including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are said to be bracing themselves for potential changes in Warren Buffett’s philanthropy plans. Speculation is said to be building around how the billionaire mogul plans to divide his estate, with truly staggering sums of money set to be up for grabs. Preparations are currently underway at a Buffett family foundation which supports abortion rights to receive as much as $100 billion when the nonagenarian tycoon passes away, according to the Wall Street Journal. Similar plans have reportedly been made at Gates’ charity for years.

Buffett, 91, has previously committed to giving away 99 percent of his fortune, which is currently estimated to be worth around $90 billion. Despite making an annual gift of Berkshire Hathaway shares to charitable causes every year—the majority of which goes to the Gates Foundation—exactly how his estate will be divided remains to be seen. Read more at the Wall Street Journal.


  1. What a super genius
    Instead of using that money to help pay for raising these kids he will use it to kill them
    Nobody will ever remember him in any positive way
    In 100 years all 100 billion will have been spent and nothing of Warren buffet will remain except for a mountain full of embryos

  2. Really ugly guy. Money makes you beautiful. Charity says draw or save.

    Greatly I would rather see he gives it to the zoos. Let there be children.

    • OMG, will you leave this one alone. This has been researched and revisited more times than “Let’s Go Brandon”. Just stop already.

  3. What a waste of Billion$!

    Seems like even someone like him needs to be Zochah to true Tzedakah.

    Not only won’t it be any zechus it will have the opposite effect. Each and every death will be attributed to his wonderful ‘Gan Eden’ awaiting him..

  4. I doubt he wasn’t coronavirused, like Bill Gates, Soros and other elite criminals.


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