Warren Welcomes Bloomberg Into Race By Sharing Her ‘Calculator For Billionaires’


Sen. Elizabeth Warren welcomed billionaire Michael Bloomberg to the Democratic primary race by referring him to her newly launched “Calculator for Billionaires.”

“Welcome to the race, @MikeBloomberg!” Warren tweeted Thursday evening.

“If you’re looking for policy plans that will make a huge difference for working people and which are very popular, start here,” attaching a link to Warren’s “Calculator for Billionaires,” which was released earlier on Thursday.

The web tool allows voters to see how much some of the country’s most prominent billionaires would pay in taxes under Warren’s new tax plan, which features a two percent tax on household net worth between $50 million and $1 billion, and a three percent tax on net worth above $1 billion.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. The two percent tax on household net worth of over $50 million would not effect Warren, as her net worth is only a measly $12 Million. If warren weren’t living so close to the poverty level, she probably wouldn’t have a chance of winning the Democratic primaries.

  2. These leftists are shooting themselves in the foot. They need billionaires to fund all their programs while at the same time they’re trying to get rid of billionaires. There’s clearly no logic in it.

  3. These idiots need a calculator to figure out that there’s no way in the world any Democrat can win without fraud because the US consists of only 30% Democrats? Why are they wasting their money if the CIA will not be able to help them anymore?

    Besides, 80% of Democrats are on the 130,000 indicted list, including Bloomberg. Ya, ya, he ain’t no tzaddik.


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