Warriors’ Draymond Green Wants End to ‘Black History Month’ Because February is the Shortest Month

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Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green says he’d like to put an end to Black History Month as he feels that black people are getting short shrift because Feb. is the shortest month of the year, Breitbart reports.

Green issued his complaints saying the U.S. should “get rid of” the celebration this week.

“Black History Month, at some point, can we get rid of it? … Why do we gotta keep getting the shortest month to celebrate our history” Green exclaimed.

Green was also wearing a t-shirt advertising Black History Month but disingenuously claimed that he “just threw this shirt on because I didn’t have another shirt to throw on.”

While Green may be upset that Black History Month has been relegated to the shortest month of the year, he did not seem interested that those who died for our country only get a day, much less the shortest month of the year.


  1. Don’t worry, big guy. The democrats will be giving you, a black, a $2.5 million dollar present for the painful “feelings” you must of had, smashing windows during the George Floyd victory lap, and grabbing your free 72 inch tv.

  2. They way to get rid of racism is to stop with the singling out of any one particular race (especially blacks) and just let everyone live.


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