Washington Sends Warning To North Korea Over Ballistics Program

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The United States formally warned North Korea not to continue its ballistic activities, which it says represents a “significant threat” to stability in the Pacific coast.

The warning, issued by the Departments of State, Treasury, and Commerce on Tuesday, aims to alert global economic players of the risks they run if they have financial links to North Korea’s ballistic missile program, targeted by numerous US and international sanctions.

“North Korea’s persistent efforts to expand its ballistic missile capabilities pose a significant threat to regional and global stability,” the State Department said in a statement.

It also recalls that after its first intercontinental missile tests in 2017, Pyongyang “has continued over the past year to fire ballistic missiles, in violation of a series of UN Security Council resolutions.”

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  1. The Bear woke up after a loooong sleep,
    So hugging Kim didn’t budge him the slightest bit,
    In the meantime NK, China Iran are laughing their heads off,
    Thanks POTUS


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