‘Washington Will Not Be Attacking Iran’

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david-wurmserIsrael is mistaken if it thinks the U.S. will take an attack against Iran upon itself, according to David Wurmser, former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney’s adviser on the Middle East.

“I have all my life counted on the greatness of America and its tradition of doing the right thing, if even at the last moment. But right now, the cavalry is not going to ride to Israel’s side, even at the last moment,” writes Wurmser in an article that will appear in Israel Hayom over the weekend.

“There is nobody of influence within the establishment or bureaucracy in Washington, let alone abroad, seriously arguing for pre-emptive action, nor are there any factors in the next half year – or even longer – which will change that,” Wurmsey writes. “I have read with great curiosity statements by a parade of Israeli experts and former officials, all of whom assert with considerable confidence that at the end of the day, the United States is committed to denying Iran a nuclear capability, and that when the moment of truth arrives, Washington will act – unilaterally if necessary.”

But Wurmser says this is not the case. “Having served in the previous White House – an administration generally accused of being too much the cowboy rather than being timid – and having been charged primarily with following Iran policy and even coordinating it with European capitals. … I fear these Israeli officials are misguided,” he writes.

Wurmser says it was clear to him at the beginning of 2009, when the Iranian portfolio was still open and unresolved at the conclusion of previous President George W. Bush’s second term, that just as the Bush administration did not attack Iran pre-emptively, President Barack Obama’s administration would not take action on the matter either.

The U.S. will wake up and be willing to attack only when it is afflicted by “something much worse and more personally affecting,” Wurmser says.

“Until then, sadly, our allies are on their own,” he concludes.


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  1. they are not supposed to join Israel according to Hashems cheshbon of account of events that will happen before Mashiach comes. Actually it will IY”H be vice versa where even the USA will be against Israel & bring upon klal yisroel Milchemes Gog Umagog.

    note: this is why america was put into the Hands of Obama by Hashem. cause obama is a muslim (i.e. bnei Yishmael) & they will be the last ones to fight klal yisroel before mashiach comes

    see a complete list of events what will occur before mashiach comes in the book of Zecharia Hanavi (the prophet)
    ex. yerushalayim will be divided in half with the palestanians… (not 75 & 25)
    ex. ENTIRE MUSLIM WORLD will be against Eretz Yisroel. just a few many more you can see in the book of Zacharya


  2. “Until then, sadly, our allies are on their own,” he [David Wurmser] concludes.

    If we earn Hashem’s mercy, we can finish the job without ‘our allies’.


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