Watch: 15-Year-Old Bochur in Ramat Shlomo, Yerushalayim, Wearing Mask Only On His Mouth, Is Hauled Off By Israeli Cops After He Couldn’t Produce His Teudat Zahut

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  1. There’s no law in Israel that one is required to carry the Teudat Zehut. Since that is the case, he should have just made up a name and address and phone number and good-bye Charlie.

  2. You only get t.z. from age 16. No 15 yr old knows his t.z. Number by heart….what jerks…
    Yes, the law is you must carry your t.z. wherever you go..

  3. The law is you only get A TZ from age 16 and then you have to carry it around wherever you are… no teenager knows his TZ number by heart ….you only remember it when you start going to college or Army

  4. The two Chareidi parties that r sitting in Government with Netanyahu should leave and bring down govermant unless this stops right now and those responsible r prosecuted

  5. Israel is not and never was a democracy! It’s a socialist authoritarian regime.. as long think and do as government your good, the minute you think otherwise your doomed! Yidden wake up don’t think you’ll make aliyah and your lives will be great. Israel is as bad or even worse as all the other countries.. all we can do is Daven.

  6. There is a special place in gehenom for these cops of the so called “jewish state”. The pure hatred they have for anything remotely religious or connected to the torah is appalling. They always target frum people and not only during the pandemic, we’re the scapegoats for anything wrong in their corrupt country. Don’t force a state down our throats when actual yarei shamayim who cared about hashem have been living here for hundreds of years. If these views sound radical and offend you and don’t seem PC enough oh well because that’s the shita of every gadol in the last 100 years.

  7. do we really know he was 15? I’m sick of fake stories being peddled only for it to come out the facts were embellished to get a certain reaction!

  8. a 15 year-old- is old enough to know to follow the regulations to wear a mask..
    if he didn’t wear a mask and couldn’t produce a TZ for whatever reason you go to the precinct
    that’s the way it works….
    Wear the Mask?

  9. Can someone tell us what happened to this boy in the end? It is a very disturbing video that need to be followed up. Where were his parents? Was he released? What was his crime?

  10. Some would have kicked and scratched in his place. He is legally a minor, therefore wouldn’t get a prison sentence for defending himself. Stop being complacent, and watch the nazis becoming reluctant to bother us. Being soft, only encourages them to attack us even more.


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