Watch: Rav Michoel Sorotzkin’s Divrei Zikaron L’illui Nishmas Rav Moshe Shapiro zt”l

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  1. Being a talmid of Rav Moshe in Stamford, it was recognizable that he was boki in Shas V’Rambam baal peh.
    In most chaburos that he said [that I can remember], he had his own mehalach [different to the rishonim] in each sugya that would solve the many kashyios of the rishonim and achronim.
    He definitely was one of the Gedolei Hador.

  2. Contact info
    Any idea how one can contact this s tremendous speaker?
    Would love to have him speak in our community in LA. There are a number of talmidim of Reb Moshe zt’l who are looking to organize an event leiluy nishmoso.

  3. Fantastic Shiurim!!
    We spent a summer holiday where Rav Michoel Sorotzkin was giving shiurim on a frequent basis. These brilliant shiurim were deep , fascinating and delivered with such clear set of mind that they will be remembered for many more years. His unique styles makes it possible for everyone to listen, appreciate understand and enjoy.

  4. I leave in Europe and was a frequent attendant at Reb Moshe’s ztl shiurim and sichos. Like everyone else I felt the enormous pain and tzaar. Unfortunately, I could attend the levaya and to be Menachem the family. This unique tribute which described so beautifully Reb Moshe’s characteristics had a tremendous impact on me remembering this great giant. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Tanchumim
    Rav Moshe z”l used to say that the ultimate definition of the word ‘tanchumim’ is ‘machshovo acheres’ – or in other words ‘recalculation’.
    We must look at life with another new approach in order to overcome the void.
    This divrei zikaron are certainly a new prospective of looking at rav Moshe’s z”l legacy using his own divrei nechomo to the speaker at the time of his own aveilus. It is therefore very special divrei zikaron which do justice to the great niftar and chizuk to his broken hearted talmidim.

  6. Rabbi Shapira OBM was a giant. His worthy heritage was universal. His shiurim, teachings and thoughts serve as a fundamental foundation to every quality Jewish home , men and women.
    His special sensitivity to everyone as described so eloquently and artistically by this speaker serve as a true reflection to his crystal image. Zecher Tzadik Livracha

  7. As an old talmid , I watched all hespedim on line on Rav Moshe ZTL (over 20). This fantastic one is by far the most touching and inspiring hesped.
    Thank you for always bringing us the best.
    Keep up the good work!

  8. The fantastic comparison between Rav Moshe ztz”l’s petira which resembles an end of an Era to the cessation of nevuah with the petirah of Ezra Hasofer who was Malaachi -the last navi – is spectacular. The fact that they were both niftar the same day is a true indication that this resemblance is real. No one could have done a better job and justice to the great niftar than this outstanding divrei hesped.

  9. This spectacular tribute just proves that a quality speech could be delivered in a15 minutes. No reason and need to stretch. If you have an excellent toichen and the gift of unmatched delivery your words make the impression.

  10. We are here in Melbourne Australia. Just saw this tribute and had a tremendous hisorerus.
    Reb Moshe Shapira z”l was a giant not only in machshovo but also in hanhogo.
    These words of chizuk as given over by this choshuve speaker are a limud for life time- all over the Globe.

  11. I attended the speaker’s wedding sometime in July 1979 in Cleveland. I clearly remember Reb Moshe’s participation. He was in his early 40’s and already had the hanhogo of a real odom Godol. We were a few bochurim who came in from NY to participate in the wedding. We went over to talk to him and his words of wisdom were so clear and sharp; it made a tremendous impression on all of us.
    He said he had a special kesher with the unique brilliant chosson who had a special place in his heart.
    Hearing this emotional hesped was closing a loop. It is so touching, bringing back memories from the unforgettable wedding.

    Zecher Tzadik Levrocho

  12. I just visited a Shiva house where the mother of the kallah was niftar a few days before the wedding. As a Rav in the kehila I was expected to say divrei Chizul and nechama. I used this fantastic hesped and the vort about Yosef and Dovid about shlichus. I said that I saw it on an excellent hesped video about Rav Shapira zt’l. The kallah asked to see this video which is so beautifully delivered and with much passion. It made a real impact.
    Let us not know from more tragedies and tzaar.

    • I’m the kallah’s best friend. She was so devastated and broken hearted. She said at the funeral she won’t be able to walk down to the chuppa. The Rabbi who came in and shared with her this fantastic video changed the entire situation. After he left she kept on viewing this video again and again. She said that this was a real techiyat Hametim. Tonight is the wedding. Thank you matzav for making this wedding a reality by posting such an emotional tribute.

  13. Today is Reb Moshe’s z”l’s yortzeit.
    I remembered this phenomenal hesped and heard it again. Reb Moshe is deep in our hearts and will be remembered for ever.
    Yehi zichro boruch


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