Watch: 63% Of Israeli Say Trump Better For Israel

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  1. Donald is a favorite. He however does not seem to eat the best steaks when he endorses McDonalds. He might be funny because the oddity is that the bars in America where he will never grab a swig are the cornerstone of his new mentality of wage and huck. There is so much rafferty and bigamy that the judgement of dignity refuses to see how we can calm the people down. Trump can push through like a ballistic prig but he forgets that even the minute nature of man can last longer than the swing dance of arms. We can wonder the after effect of his presidency today and even more so, will his cast in for peace do its permanent job? I do not feel we are anything other than the middle east with its dog at highest leash. They will take the leash off one day when the climate changes. Jews taste too good when they are unlawful.


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