Watch: A Chai Lifeline Girl’s Wish and Rav Yeruchem Olshin’s Brocha

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  1. tears. nothing else but tears.
    This little girl is an inspiration and we must beg the Eibishter to give her a complete Refua Shelayma so she can become a staff member in Camp Simcha since she REALLY understands how everyone there as a camper feels.

    Please, if permitted by the family, please provide a name for Tehillim for this amazing young girl

  2. Chai Lifeline is an amazing organization. Kol hkovod! What’s also notable is the young girls (wishing a refuah shlaimah bsoch shar cholei yisroel) and the Rosh Yeshiva’s willingness to allow pictures to be taken and shared on social media in an effort to help raise money for Chai Lifeline.


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