Watch: A Common Sense Message to the Rioters of America



  1. This guy is too well spoken and well educated to be a “fellow” thug. He just dressed up for the part. IMHO, it seems he’s moved past the curse.

  2. Damani Felder – tech consultant. And one-time homeschooled Aggie football player. Looks quite different in his normal business attire. And, well, Uber driver in better times.

  3. I think this video is probably staged. First of all, his lines seem to be prepared or rehearsed. Second, the clip is extremely good quality and appears to be professionally edited. Also Felder is a Jewish name, not a black name.

  4. Just look up his name “Damani Felder”. He is an academic, an athlete, and speaking out is nothing new to him. Most important, what part of that video are you contradicting? Please be specific


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