Watch: A Frum Woman On List Of Top 25 Women Leaders In Cyber

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Ola Sergatchov, VP Corporate Strategy, Guardicore speaking at ILTV studio about integrating ultra-Orthodox women into high-tech.



  1. she’s missing one huge point. Most of these chareidi girls and women working are very focused on their work. They are not distracted by technology or social life. They come with a mission to do a good job and get paid; go home and be a good wife/mother. No iphones, night clubs etc… The chareidi girls are some of the most sought out cyber security employees these days.

    • ” … most sought out ..” True. But you don’t know why. Because they are more easily exploited and underpaid than their non-observant colleagues. Their non-observant counterparts know the going rates and are pretty vocal to demand top pay. Not so the charedi girls and women.

  2. We have many high-tech operators and top programmers in our immediate chareidi families even though we, parents, grandparents… were all FFB.


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