Watch: A Look Back At 9/11, 18 Years Later

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It has been 18 years since terror attacks changed New York forever. A ceremony unfolds at the site where the twin towers once reached 1,300 feet toward the sky. CBS2’s Tony Aiello takes a look back.



  1. Apparently Matzav has gone PC. America was attacked by MUSLIM TERRORISTS. Yes they were TERRORISTS. Eric Holder and the Thought Police don’t allow you to say that? Why the need to sanitize the truth just to placate the little muslim girl, Ilhan Omar?

    • You still believe this? You still believe aluminum airplanes can take down 2 steel and concrete buildings of 110 floors in 102 minutes to ground zero??? Even wooden buildings take longer. Don’t you think aluminum planes that slam into steel will get punched noses? How is it that not only was an aluminum plane able to penetrate into a steel building, it was even able to then have its head coming out from the other corner of the steel building. I saw this photo which was then removed because this exposed their hoax instantly. Don’t you understand the folly? You need to read Douglas Herman’s article “The Flaws In The Perfect Plan of 911” to put some sense into you.

      I remember the interview with Trump before he became President where he stated that it’s impossible that the planes destroyed the buildings and he believes that there were bombs set up to go off.


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