Watch: Heshy Goldstein of Aryeh Hospitality Speaks About Pesach Program Debacle (Zev Brenner Interview)

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Listen to Heshy discuss the situation with Zev Brenner of Talkline Communications Network:



  1. What he’s not telling you is the fact that a scammer stole money from them and had the חוצפה to do a מסירה on them. That מוסר is named ……………. This guy has a history of abusive behavior, and destroyed the lives of many people in …………… and …………….

  2. It did not happen
    Because Atlantic City is not an Appropriate place
    To bring Yidden to Spend Pesach
    Find a more suitable Location next year and you will be Matzliach

  3. This is accurate.
    Every lawyer and title company I deal with has a big red notice in their email signature with exactly this warning.

    The reason for this, is that there have been many situations in which a lender, broker, lawyer, or title company’s emails have been hacked or closely mimicked and fake wiring instructions were sent out.
    Tens of millions of dollars have been lost by many smart and savvy people before such a warning became common place.

    Even so, it is only really seen in these types of professional’s emails. The average person is absolutely unaware that such a thing is possible, let alone common enough that tens of thousands of professionals put this warning in their emails.

  4. Just in the last couple emails I received, you can find the following alerts in the signature:


    “Due to the rise of hacking schemes please always confirm wiring instructions by phone with the recipient of the wire. Email confirmation alone, can lead to a total loss of funds disbursed. We will not be responsible for any funds lost“

    “ All wiring instructions sent out must be confirmed verbally by calling our office number. The safety of your funds is important to us and with wire fraud on the rise, we want to add a layer of protection.

    Your awareness and cooperation in taking appropriate steps to prevent fraud is greatly appreciated.”

    “FRAUD ALERT: NEVER wire or transfer money without calling this office and speaking to us personally on the phone to confirm the wiring information. Even if an email looks like it has come from this office or someone involved in your transaction, call us first to verify the information before sending any money via wire transfer.“

  5. So, in conclusion, my point is that while you may say that he should have known better, there really wasn’t any way for him to ask people for more experience and far more technologically savvy have fallen for this exact trap.

      • It is not mesirah. He needs to file a police report. If he losses the money they have ways of finding it. If he is making it up then he will go to jail for lying to the cops. The only reason he wouldn’t file a police report is due to it not happening in my opinion. Anyone who lost money should file a police report as well.

  6. I applaud Heshy for having such thick skin & keeping his cool. This was a disgusting abusive interview. Yes unfortunately every year we hear of pesach hotel scams & scandals. Organizations asking to be paid only in cash, then a day before they flee the country. Heshy is coming out, trying to be transparent, even though it’s none of anybodys darn business whether or not vendors were paid, the name of the FBI agent, or any of the other disgusting nosey questions & comments especially from “Non customers” just to spark hatred & gossip.

    Were mistakes & avoidable errors made? Absolutely! Even Heshy admits that. & everyone can understand the frustration of “those that were registered”. But to everyone else, Grow up! It’s none of your darn business. Heshy doesn’t have to answer to anybody. Only the ones that are affected. Which he could accommodate each individual privately. Whether credits or refunds. Whatever they work out between
    themselves. It’s not for anyone else to dictate. Grow up & shut up! I’m literally vomiting from this interview.

  7. This man should definitely have consulted a lawyer who would have without a doubt advised him to ABSOLUTELY NOT make any public comments about this, and certainly not an hour radio interview. A bissel seichel.

  8. to grow up

    it is everyones business as the oilam is sick of ponzi schemes and scams
    so everyone needs to know to avoid future problems
    i dont know this guy but he seems to be connected to too many problems

    • I agree that an awareness has to be made. What I was disgusted about was the nasty as get-go callers in heavy attack mode, (to some degree I feel zev was instigating it a little bit) people that weren’t even registered asking nosey rude questions, cursing him out, yelling on top of their lungs, etc… I personally do not know Heshy, the way he runs his business, or anything else. But the way these jerks called in was absolutely appalling. But I definitely agree that people should be educated & made aware of what’s going on. But to dig dirt just to have what to throw at people in social media, to spark hatred & gossip is disgusting.

  9. I also got scammed via PNC (my clients were told to send the $ back there).
    PNC wouldn’t assit us in any way.
    If someone knows how I can get the hold of the people investigating it would be a great help.


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