WATCH: Activist Nachman Caller Tears Up Bernie Sign During Sanders’ NY Visit, Calls Him an “Anti-Semite”

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  1. Wow! I am really impressed.

    I wonder if Mr. Nachman is ready to tear up a picture of others protesting against the State of Israel?

  2. Ripped Placement in the mood.

    Mr. Sanders is very unfortunate. His violent open thought is very poor and he does not keep Israel safer by his lost values of Jewish yiddishkeit.

    Appropriate protest.

    Who does that youth think he is to push the man to step aside? The man was not a transgressor. I think that the youth can be arrogant and that irks me more than Mr. Sanders in this day.

  3. That youth was acting as if Nachman was the PLO. Can you believe a kid with a kippah could ask a Jew who appears to have Torah values to step out of the limelight? Can we see if the middos are better with simple minds that are just muscle bound by their lack of Torah study? See it here in this display.

  4. Hillary is definitely better than the socialist open anti semite, Bernie Sanders. Sanders is dangerously ignorant & brainwashed in regards to the Palestinian/Israel “conflict”.

  5. I’m voting sanders so that Hillary loses New York. This way pro israel republicans will have better chance comes November.

  6. Both Hillary and Berny share the same animosity towards Israel and Torah values. Anybody who foolishly or selfishly supports Democrats, should be thrown out of our community.


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