WATCH: Activist Thanks Jewish Community For Showing Up To Protest Racism

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  1. To me this looks like councilman Donovan Richards. He is not a friend of our community. He is building low income housing projects in the heart of our neighborhood despite all the work of our askanim who showed up at this protest tonight to kiss up to him for doing nothing for our community

  2. The black community showed themselves to be completely incapable of hakoras hatov. Jews were helping blacks when no one else was helping them, Jews were instrumental in creating NAACP, Jews would get shot by KKK while helping blacks in the south, Jews gave them jobs when nobody wanted to hire them. And what did we get in return? Black antisemitism and black support of the islamonazis. So, why should we help the ingrates ever again?!

    • Chaim are you referring to Bain from Gotham, a true villain and suggesting that Bruce and Gordon team up to stop him?


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