Watch: Adam Sandler Bentching Daled Minim, Sukkos 5778

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Chabad of Brentwood, Los Angeles, led by Shliach Rabbi Baruch Hecht, set up a Mivtzoim booth around the corner from the local Chabad House for the holiday of Sukkos.

While running the booth, the Rabbi’s son-in-law, Rabbi Zalman Goodman from Manchester, England and the Rabbi’s nephew Srulik Gurevitch from Frankfurt, Germany, bumped into Hollywood actor Adam Sandler, who is Jewish.

Sandler proudly made the blessing and shook the Lulav and Esrog.



  1. Dream of good jews learning yiddishkeit. Pretty neat to see Mr. Sandler.

    My prayer is he become kosher and keep our commandments. Perhaps he is on a derech.

    Still, the chabad outreach simple can be a good gift to the unaffiliated jew. He may strengthen but always he is not wage strong as a jew until he keeps kosher and starts learning Torah.

    Good humor. Maybe Mr. Sandler will donate.


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