Watch: Al Pi Darko: Teacher Creates Personalized Handshakes For All His Students

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In this video, each student is given the chance to showcase their personal handshake with their teacher, Barry White Jr.

“I started doing this in the efforts to build close relationships with my students,” White says. “Each handshake is personalized based on their personalities.”

He added: “We do it everyday. I do it to instill trust, energy and excitement in each student. I have found that no matter what might be going on at home or may have happen in another class when it’s time to do their handshake they brighten up. They enjoy it so much and the fact that I take the time to learn it with them means a lot to them.”




  1. Kudos to Mr. White he has found a way how to connect with kids from diverse cultures in a probably inner city school .
    I just shudder at the thought of some balleboos demanding that our mechanchim start doing this.
    Mir zenen besser fuhn dos

  2. Obviously this is something that’s not made for us definitely not in this manner but the idea is brilliant and should be copied in some form.


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