Watch: All Daf is Bringing Eruvin to Life: Literally

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Why Is Maseches Eruvin different? Why are so many people hesitant about learning the Masechta and ultimately drop off the daily Daf?


Well, the primary reason is, the new and sometimes foreign concepts that are introduced are challenging especially when studying at a fast pace. Well designed visuals and most importantly a good Magid Shiur will certainly alleviate some of the confusion.
At All Daf, we felt that besides the amazing daily content provided by our Maggidei Shiur, a unique series titled “Bringing Eruvin to Life” could serve as an introduction and a guide as the learner journeys through the Masechta.
We hired expert Eruv builder Rabbi Micha Shotkin to take us up on his cherry picker and down into the water (almost) to teach us how a community eruv is built. Some very valuable videos with great footage are being produced. Rabbi Chaim Jachter a leading Posek on Eruvin walked us around a community Eruv, showing us all the particulars involved, with sources from the Gemara and latest poskim. Divided into short videos, they should very helpful as one traverses the Masechta. Rabbi Shlomo Francis author of The Laws of an Eruv will be introducing the various topics in the Masechta, using a smartboard to bring the concepts discussed in the Gemara’s times to practical application.
And as always, Rabbi Shmuel Friedman has shared with us a detailed introduction to the masechta with his well known Daf HaChaim style clarity and visuals.
Download the All Daf app available for iPhone and Android devices or visit to browse all the amazing content. New Eruvin content being uploaded daily.



  1. Eruvin is primarily difficult because the way the streets and houses were built and laid out at the time of the gemora and the way our streets and houses today are built and laid out which is very different. Also, the way people lived was very different. A few simple examples: Bathrooms were not inside the homes and toilet paper didn’t exist. The thickness of walls today would be measured in inches while at that time you would measure the thickness of the walls in feet. etc.

    • Lack of toilet paper has no bearing on learning Eruvin.
      They didn’t measure in feet during the times of the Tanaaim or Amoraim. And anyway, regardless of your scale, be it inches, feet or cm, that doesn’t add any complexity. And again, that also has no bearing on any complexities in learning Eruvin.
      For goodness sake!


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