Watch: Allen West: Kaepernick’s Response is Reprehensible, Despicable

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Military veteran and Former congressman has a message for NFL star quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is refusing to stand for the National Anthem because of perceived racial injustice.




  1. Not that I would do what Kaepernick did, but Jesse Owens wrote in his autobiography that he also could not stand for the anthem. Like West, Jesse Owens was a black Republican. Unlike West or Kaepernick, Owens was a national hero.

    • The America of Jesse Owens was very different from the America of today. Racism and discrimination were not only legal but racist laws were still on the books.
      I support Kaepernick’s right to do what he did the same way I support a bigot’s right to call Kaepernick a racist slur or any of us an anti-Semitic one – legal, but reprehensible.

  2. Allen West said it perfectly.
    This 3rd string stinky Democrat quarterback is a disgrace and should be stripped of his overpaid salary. He is a real immature idiot. What is going to happen now, is that he will be booed at EVERY game he plays in across the country. The semi normal sports media will constantly be on his case about this, all season long. It WILL affect his game and he will eventually be cut by the 49ers because of his poor performance and their being tired of being harassed by their fans over his stupidity.
    It’s too bad Mr. West is not in the Congress or Senate anymore.

  3. Nothing is more stricken than a difference in opinion. When the risk is just hate for country, it is a tragic hurt feeling. When it is a GOP hoodlum with historical right to lynch the money, the gold is forgettful. Still, GOP guys like Allen West is so offensive to liberty the world can see he has no goal for an end to human suffering. GOP hoodlums with easy gestapo satisfaction for a war against hegemony poor are the risky ease. They will use the tusk before they swing the tail.

    It gets scary.

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