Watch: An African-American Women Lets Loose on a Orthodox Jewish Man on the NYC Subway on Friday

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  1. Technically she’s correct. If she hates all Jews, not only those who are white, she isn’t a racist – she’s a bigot.
    Her attitude is all too prevalent. About a year ago I was on the IRT and a black panhandler came through the subway car I was on and a young Lubavitch guy gave him some money (a dollar, IIRC). Several black passengers started talking among themselves about how “Jews only care about themselves” and “Jews only help each other” – this after the young guy had just given the panhandler money and most of the other passengers hadn’t!
    More than twenty-five years after the Crown Heights pogrom it’s sad to see the resentment and jealousy are still so strongly rooted. At least this big-mouthed bigot used only words and not violence.

  2. It looks like a Lubavitcher Hasid who is involved (based on beard, etc.). Also, I would guess it is on one of the subways that go through Crown Heights, based on the composition of the population in the car, etc.

  3. The idiotic reform liberal secular Jews fought for the rights of these blacks and they have no respect. Do what we Orthodox Jews are doing. Connect the hard working law abiding citizens like Chinese people into and around our communities. Crime in Boro park and around it had dropped drastically the last 20 or so years because tens and f thousands of Chinese are our neighbors. Chinese don’t bother jews. That’s a fact. There are now over a million Chinese in nyc and crime is down. Anyone remembers the sixties and seventies when almost 2000 murders a year and mostly jewish victims. Wake up. Crown heights needs more white yuppies and Asians if they want safe trains and streets.

  4. If Judaism is a religion why is it that whenever a jew is in the news it refers to them as being Jewish, yet if it’s an African-American it refers to them by race and not religion?

  5. She is actually right. I do get up for people who are having a hard time standing , no matter who they are. There is nothing wring with treating people respectfully.

  6. You know the liberal self hating Jews support our enemies all the time. Now they are crying about the poor Arab terrorists being targeted for just trying to break through the security fence in Gaza so they can kill Jews. We must expose all the enemies or our nation. The reform,conservative and open torthodox heretical sects. They all are fuming at Trump. The open orthodox sect are the worst. They are upset that Trumps freed Rubashkin. They are the ones that were involved in locking him up along with PETA the animal lovers and the unions. The reform are not in direct combat with us other than their opposition to Trump. The open orthodox are the most dangerous as they give out false certificates to non kosher restaurants called hecsher Tzedek for wages of Mexican workers.

  7. The boss is at work. She was begging begging and begging for a jew to take her focus.

    Still can she claim a racial discrimination for housing? Hard to think it was that jews responsibility to reply.

    Notice the road to antisemitism. Any kosher jew resent blamed.

    Hope he gets stronger dreams to work in his careful mood. It probably was ok but she needs straight bickering to end from her own community.

    A bad scene. Fun subways huh? The worlds forum for any jew.

    Ride safely. The suburbs are better. Bright black people have housing too. Bye bye New York syllogisms. The melting pot is too fat in bad manners.



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