Watch: An Erev Message from Dr. Zev Zelenko




  1. Thank you, Dr. Zalenko! May Hashem continue to give you strength and good health until the coming of Mashiach bimheira b’yameinu!

  2. Thank you Rabbi Dr. Your deeds are amazing. The Aibishter should help you should be a shining star for our entire nation who so desperately need good publicity. Your emunah radiates, your words of encouragement are truly mechazek the klal (even non yiddin). In this zchus you shall be fully cured of all illnesses.

  3. this medication he talks about is not proven to work, but everyone should still take it who has symptoms. He plays this coronavirus down, and make it not so serious which will cause more deaths. When speaking to the wide community you MUST have to have some sechiel (brains) and see what indirectly can come out of your speech .

  4. A NY doctor has a different thought about this virus. He believe is it not pneumonia, but rather patients are starving oxygen…and that the ventilators’ high pressure may be injuring patients’ lungs. Please send this to any doctors you know.

    • Right, if patient is not responding to carefully adjusted ventilation, the algorithm says go for ECMO. How many are available in your local hospitals? Even more important, how about staff?

  5. Sholi u are misguided big time! Dr Zelenko never says it is good for everyone.He doesn’t feel it is. It still is a treatment option though. Every medicine has its contraindications. As someone who is in the medical field,i can first hand tell u if the Lenox Hill in the city they have had a huge success rate.There is a reason why Hatzolah in Brooklyn has been sending there non stop.We need to take in to consideration the many people that have been helped.lets not be stupid. Aspirin is also dangerous for people on blood thinners.Should we not give it? It has helped people.In short instead of fighting and arguing letting innocent people die let’s be smart and give it with caution.As a side note Dr Zelenko has had a high rate big time! Bh Kj has a better outcome than other areas.


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