Watch: An Important Message from R’ Mendy Werdyger, Owner of Mostly Music




  1. I’m very impressed with his eidelkeit, which is really a kiddish hashem when you consider what he’s saying. May HaShem bentsch him with great success, health and nachas.

  2. David, you stole my thunder!
    Reb Mendy made his impassioned appeal with such kavod for Am Yisrael. He’s out thousands of dollars! But us Jews are Hashem’s chosen nation. In fact, on this very date is when Hashem chose the Jews and proclaimed them to be His. We won’t let Mendy down. What’s rightfully his is his!

  3. I have an Amazon music Prime account where I can listen to kimat any yiddishe song. I can download the songs I like, to listen when I want, thru the app. If I cancel, I will no longer have access to the music. Is that considered ginaiva? I pay $7.99 a month for the Amazon music. But lemaaseh I’m not buying the cd’s from a store. I’m curious what the halacha is. I’ve never thought about it Halachicly.

  4. I dont copy music but I think they would solve big part of the problem if they have a member system with lower prices. The current pricing system is just perpetuating the problem IMO.


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