WATCH: ‘Animal Rights Activists’ Protest Outside Skvere Boro Park’s Kapparos Center

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  1. Think of their own meal. If they ever eat chicken at all, they are criminals. I did Kapparas and the chicken was held for 4 minutes by the wings and squawked only when I missed in my prayer and Hashem angered the situation by having the chicken squawk. There was about 6 more minutes and the chicken was slaughtered.

    Could we just be in an era of hate? Of course. We need more media awareness of the cult of power hate drama that fills protests like this one.

    Keep the chickens going. Someone actually gets a meal.

  2. Its not tzar baalei chaim however watching this video gives me tzar baalei chaim 🙂
    The chickens are schected and eaten. Best thing to happen in this world for a chicken is to be used for a Mitzvah.
    It sure beats hanging around the chicken coop all day doing nothing.

    If these Brooklynites would spend any time outside the city and actually visit a farm they would not mind this one bit. Anytime animals other than dogs show up in NY someone gets offended. Most of these people have actually never seen a live chicken and they think that chickens are born and raised in a supermarket.

    These protesters have too much time on their hands.
    Perhaps they should take up other hobbies like origami, knitting, tennis or maybe paint by number.

  3. מנהג של שטות
    The first 18 editions ( 4 of them printed in the lifetime
    of the Bais Yosef) of the Shulchan Aruch has this header
    on Siman 605
    According to the Shach (Ch.M. 386:4) Headers on the Shulchan Aruch were written by the Mechaber (B.Y.)

    Toras Aba

  4. Think moon. It will not be theirs.

    They bet on the cold word colder. Israel warns it up.

    We are the ones putting chicken in an oven. The listening public can see that is wise.

    History teaches us wait. It will be graded a never again for hate animal politics. This is vast not ethics.

  5. Wipe them off your mind. They can not ever wipe their gold. It was spent to hate Hashem.

    We strongly do Kapparos. It feeds five.


  6. We can state with 100% truthfulness that this group of protesters is literally “For the birds”.
    Will remarks like this just egg them on?
    That small turnout of protesters is nothing to crow about. Maybe they just like squawking for the cameras.
    (Hope you got a cackle out of this.)

  7. Clearly it is hard. The chicken is good value. A meal. Kosher slaughter never unlike seeing any listed other slaughter either.

    Bottom line- antisemitism. A hate of Jacob and fear of never G-d.

    Clearly this is an important mitzvah. We are doing well.

  8. I hate kapparos. The chickens really are in pain when you pin their wings down and hold them wrongly, as city slickers always do because they think chickens are born in supermarkets. It’s truly pagan in origin, the Ramban and the Michaber were right, it’s time to wipe this idiocy out of Judaism. Give money. Buy a pre-slaughtered chicken and hand it out. At least no pious moron mishandled the chicken at Empire.

  9. Samuel, kind of you to give the Ramban(m) and Mechaber your haskama. Now many more people will respect them. Those other halachos Authorities? Well too bad Samuel doesn’t hold like them. And “pious morons” nebach misguided, doing what their ancestors have been doing for hundreds of years before Yom Kippur… Too bad, hopefully one day they will join the 21st century enlightenment and start being really Jewish.


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