Watch: Are Trump’s Attacks On Sessions Damaging The Justice System?

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The Washington Post reports that critics fear Trump is doing lasting damage to the justice system; ‘The Ingraham Angle’ guests debate.



  1. The so-called Justice System is anything but Justice who are as corrupt and damaged as the FBI and CIA and should all be replaced.

  2. The damage has already been done. Under which rick have you been sleeping? Good morning America. The DOJ is corrupt thru and thru. Sessions and Rosenstein should be arrested and thrown in prison immediately. The DOJ is in collusion with the equally corrupt FBI & NSA to bring down a sitting President. This is a never before precedence, where the minority opposition in bullying the ruling majority into submission. What’s taking place before our very eyes is unbelievable. We the people, must take our Country back. We the people must drain the swamp. The President MUST fire Sessions NOW!!!

  3. Sessions handed off some of his duties and then failed to monitor what resulted, or to do his other duties, either. Does he think his job is to protect all the guilty insiders in the DOJ and FBI? What do they have on him?


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