Watch: Are Yidden Eating Too Much Food?

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  1. just look around in your shul , its a hard nisayon and the shefa that we have in america plus being teased by the million glitzy food stores makes it tough in the end its my choice and i make the wrong ones many times

  2. Correct me if I am wrong; If the reason that a man gets a larger portion than a woman is due to the fact that the men work in the fields and sweat, then that would not apply to receiving the Mon. In the Midbar, the men did not work in the fields, etc. Therefore, the man’s chelek should be the same size as the woman’s chelek.

    In any event, I dispute the fact that men work harder than women, especially in today’s age! Therefore, a woman’s healthy portion should be the same, if not larger, than a man’s!

  3. You could also say another nafka mina that the Rabbeinu Yona was saying that there was a different shiur of daily food consumption for males and females because the males worked hard in the fields and simply needed more food tor sustain themselves. The Gemara discussing the mahn in the midbar where it’s mashma that they ate the same amount is perhaps not a shaila since the men over there didn’t need to labor for food, thereby decreasing their intake requirement.

  4. Sometimes it is not how much you eat it is what you eat. If you eat healthier food with vegetables and fruits without much of the fatter food or fried food you can eat more and not gain that much.

  5. 43.5 betzim is about 87 fluid ounces, as the average egg is 2 oz.

    Almost 11 cups of flour times 400 calories per cup gives us pver 4000 calories a day.

    BTW, i believe that the 6 betzim for a lady is the absolute minimum. But seriously, who could live on 600 calories a day?


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