Watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger Compares Capitol Riot To Kristallnacht

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  1. Fake narrative. Fake outrage….
    Rinos and Trump backstabbers will get credibility if they wouldve come out to condemn and show outrage at what the Antifa and BLM have done to america; which was way worse than this. This was a simple breach in security; a setup…

  2. Ok…so he doesn’t know what happened in kristalnacht, when nearly 100 Jews were confirmed as killed (probably more) many thousands were sent to concentration camps, and hundreds of businesses were destroyed. It’s extremely insulting and bizarre that he’d invoke his Austrian heritage to speak of it and compare him to a fringe group amount tends of thousands of protestors who did some minor damage to the capital. Don’t get me wrong, those people must be prosecuted and the riots were crazy and wrong, but the comparison is off.

    Contrariwise, if he wants to make an analogy, I’d submit that what Twitter, apple google and amazon did is akin to the night of the long knives? Cause… Why not?

  3. Now, we all know that won’t allow those of us that know our history that this dogs father was a member of the nazi party. That’s a shame.

  4. Schwarzenegger is an idiot. Comparing these riots to kristalnacht?? The Nazi movement was an ideology. Kristalnacht was the beginning of the final solution against the jewish people. These thugs are not an ideology They aren’t a movement. They aren’t looking to cancel anyone. The left does that very well. All they wanted was a fair election. What they did is wrong and deserves severe punishment but to compare it to what the Nazi’s did is sickening.


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