Watch: Artist Ordered To Remove Blue Line Painted In Support Of Police

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Artist and activist Scott LoBaido painted a blue line along a divider outside the 122nd Precinct stationhouse in New York last week.

But the Department of Transportation sent him a cease-and-desist letter, saying the line has to go and that he had not been authorized to paint it.


  1. In New York City today only the Mayor is allowed to paint.

    Gehinom will freeze over before he will allow anything other than BLM to be painted.

    He is not on the side of the police.

  2. We live in a crazy world. It’s very sad to watch as society falls to a all time low. We are being fed drip by drip liberal, anti Torah views. And if you think it doesn’t seep in, your wrong. The tolerance for improper behavior has gone up even by frum yidden. We are seeing our moral compass being spun and misguided. Find yourself a rebbe, learn mussar, and stop listening to the news— It’S the only way you’ll come out with a bit of normalcy in this day and age.

  3. here we go again with women telling men what to do!! do you have a rav? do you learn mussar? do you wake up early for davening? do you have a daf yomi shiur? do you have to stop work in middle to daven mincha? do you have to go out and daven maariv after coming home from a long day at work?
    after men do all these you sit down to have some time to yourself and your wife says “why don’t you sit with a sefer?”

    maybe the reason the world is so crazy is because women and girls wear short skirts, don’t cover their elbows, don’t cover their hair, and talk inappropriately!

  4. Re kugs—
    Do you cook, clean, prepare shabbos, bathe the children, and still find time to listen to a Torah class’s day say tehilim??! You sleep through your Daf shiur, shmooz with your friends for most of davening, and any time your wife needs some help you say, “sorry, it’s time for marriv”. The ladies have every right to be giving mussar to the majority of men who are slacking in their responsibility, and make it as if they’re major tzadikim.

  5. @Fraidy,
    Sorry to hear you’re married to a Bum, perhaps if you wouldn’t wear short skirts, make sure to cover your elbows and hair, and watch your speech – and he’ll do tshuva and act like a mentsch.

    No need to stereotype and talk trash about the majority of men.

    Athough partaking in this garbage, it’s wrong of you to let this go on. Completely inappropriate for a site bringing the “Jewish World” to our fingertips..


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