Watch: As Obama Prepares To Betray Israel At The UN, This Is Bibi’s Response

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As his term runs down, US President Barack Obama plans to make one more attempt to push Israel to the cliff’s edge. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Obama’s last-ditch effort to force Israeli-‘Palestinian’ ‘peace’ negotiations is likely to include a UN Security Council resolution which would impose a framework for a deal on Israel and ramp up the international pressure on the Jewish State. Without calling the President out by name, this is PM Netanyahu’s response to the Presidents latest plan to isolate Israel.

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    • Mmhhh if I read correctly Obama is trying what everyone else has tried and that is to make Israel and Palestine to reach a peace agreement, what is so bad about that? do you guys really want to live in war forever? or is it about genocide of the Palestinian people? tell me what is it? because so far you had been fighting for 70 years or so and still cant come to the table and finish this mess?

  1. Anon u r proof that even brain dead people can speak I supposed you would have tried to get there’s to negotiate peace with the nazis as they were being murdered


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